How to find the real girlfriend

How to find the real girlfriend

There is the standard opinion that the female friendship cannot exist - exclusively favorable cooperation under certain conditions. However girls with enviable diligence try to find that real girlfriend who will be near both in the mountain, and in joy, will always support and will understand.


1. Where lonely people only do not try to find friends: at various Internet forums, at school, in higher education institution, clubs, exhibitions, cinema. It would seem, it is so much places for search, and there is no girlfriend nearby. Think for a start what qualities have to be inherent in your intimate ally.

2. So, what person you would like to see joyful and sad minutes of the life? The real girlfriend is that who will arrive on your first call, without regard to time of day and night; that which will always try to understand you and to find justification to all your acts; the girl who shares your interests and watches life priorities with you in one direction; the woman who will never be flattered on your man will not machinate against you and to dismiss gossips and rumors out of envy. The best friend is you, but only another is a little.

3. If you agree with everything listed above, then is quite explainable why you still have no real girlfriend. Just you look for not there. If you need the person who will be given you without the rest, to lead your life, to deal only with your problems, then hardly you someone will find yourself because any person will not tolerate to himself the consumer relation. People quickly feel it, are disappointed and leave or in the worst for a case - begin to use you. If the girlfriend is necessary to you in the mercenary purposes, then be ready for honest exchange. Only these relations you will not call friendship - unless barter.

4. To have friends, it is necessary to be able to be on friendly terms, and it means to perceive the person that what he is actually, without trying to change. It is necessary not to demand from others the attitude, good to himself, and to give the: care, tenderness, understanding, sincere stocks, some knowledge and abilities, time and forces and even - it is surprising and improbable - the beloved if their feelings are mutual.

5. Psychologically, units are ready for sincere and honest friendship for this reason few women have faithful companions. Before imposing requirements and claims to other people, it is necessary to glance in himself.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team