How to forget true love

How to forget true love

To forget true love not easy. This feeling does not pass through a short period, and you still long time will miss and to sharply feel absence of the person, dear to you. But circumstances can develop so that it is necessary to be reconciled with loss of darling, and this period needs to be worried adequately, it is necessary to have patience and to get it together.


1. First of all, you have to understand for yourself finally that the past cannot be returned. Host the event and do not hope for a miracle not to prolong in vain the torments concerning loss of the loved one.

2. Begin better after a while when mental anguish a little releases"", to make plans for the future. Understand that yours life goes on, and in it still will be many joyful and remarkable events for the sake of which it is worth living.

3. Try not to remain at first after loss of darling alone not to torment themselves with memories of time spent together. Meet girlfriends, go to the cinema, in shops to do shopping or go to the nature, to a picnic. Do everything possible that your days were most loaded by various meetings, communication, interesting actions.

4. Register to the pool or in gym, play sports to exhaustion. You will be tired so that you will not have forces for sad thoughts. Besides, you will be able to tighten muscles and to improve the figure, than you will also be able to please yourself.

5. After all, you descend with girlfriends in a bath or go to beauty shop. Try to change: make a new hairstyle or recolour hair in unusual color, you descend in a sunbed and properly sunbathe. Your new appearance will help you to be adjusted on the best changes in your private life.

6. Indulge yourself with purchase which you long were not able to afford. Nothing distracts the woman from sad thoughts as distract campaigns on shopping centers.

7. If you manage to be sent on leave, to the warm sea, then it, certainly, will help you with the minimum losses for the psychological state to endure this loss. Besides, on this travel, perhaps, you will manage to plunge into the romantic atmosphere of appointments, kisses near the moon, etc. again.

8. If it is not possible to go to the warm countries, then on the contrary give yourself more full-time job and you drive from yourself unpleasant thoughts.

9. If independently you cannot leave difficult psychological state after loss of darling, ask for the help the psychologist. He will prompt you an exit.

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