How to get off a bad mind?

How to get off a bad mind?

Each person in life has moments when suddenly from where, undertake, there is an uneasiness. It can occur at any time, even at really happy moments, and, as a rule, during joy and there are fears and concern, poisoning and stinging us in the heart.

It is known that treatment has to begin with search of the reason. According to the same scheme we will also begin disposal of bad thoughts.


The solution consists in the modern scientific name of bad thoughts – information parasites. Daily we absorb in ourselves the mass of information which does not disappear from our head, and on the contrary, is prolific generates similar. Before puzzling yourself with questions of how to get off a bad mind, you should think what you said with the neighbor today about that you in passing heard today from news (and in news always say about one – how everything is bad), what pages were visited in network, etc. You, maybe, already also do not remember, and here your brain perfectly wrote down everything: with the neighbor you spoke about rise in price of tariffs for gas, several times repeated that so it is impossible to live and in what terrible world we live. In news it was told about some accidents, accidents, tragedies, and with the Internet all and is so clear – what you visited, your eyes allocate all that looms on fields of pages, and it leads a minimum to nightmares.

We hope, it is more clear to you to become from where legs grow at fear. The first that you need to make, it to minimize a talk about bad, thoughts of natural disasters, tragedies and accidents. You do not watch scandalous talk shows where wash out bones to married couples, and you will cease to be afraid of ephemeral treason of the husband.


If the head goes to pieces from intrusive ideas, it is necessary to do something, and you do not know that, we will tell you how to distract from bad thoughts quickly. Take the sheet of paper and write what you are afraid of. Then crumple paper and throw out in a garbage can, and safely go about the own business. The attack of bad thoughts will recede.


To get absolutely off a mind very difficult (it, speak, to well only spiritually advanced people), and here quite everyone can fill the head with a positive. We think of bad, we write good. On the sheet of paper we write what you are afraid of, only with a positive charge and in the present. If you are afraid to oversleep once again, then write that I with ease and pleasure get up in the morning. Further place sheets in a frame, or decorate them, and hang up everything on walls. Repeat every day, and you will see that you are filled by self-confidence.


If you are inclined to trust about miracle forces of religion why not to help you yourself a prayer from bad thoughts? You will find a suitable prayer in any prayer book not only from bad, but also from empty and senseless alarms.

Besides, the plot from bad thoughts can be also useful to you. For example, on July 30 on Orthodoxy it is necessary to go to church, to buy 6 candles and to burn down them for six days in the western corner of the apartment, reading a special plot:

The Lord ahead, I behind it, behind light, without shadow, behind good, without the evil. I do not melt neither in heart, nor in thoughts angry, others, dashing, bad. All dark - light I will cure, back I will not let! Amen!


One more magnificent way is a laughter. Learn to bring the fear to the absurd comedy, exaggerate and lose fear events until elementary you do not burst out laughing from own nonsense. You remember, laughter is the main antagonist of all fears.

Lift a self-assessment

Write down the purposes and reach them little by little. Always there will be things which you can do, and their implementation will allow to feel that an owner of own destiny are only you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team