How to get rid of affection for the person?

How to get rid of affection for the person?

Strongly it is, actually, necessary to become attached to the person not so a lot of time. Especially, if this person appears to such relatives, such "yours". But the relations is very difficult thing. It is a lot of forces, patience and trust it is necessary at first to construct the relations, and then to support them. And not all couples manage it. But if to suspend relations, it seems, as it is easy, then here what to do with attachment? It quite often remains all same strong. How to get rid of affection for the person and to cease to torment itself with thoughts of the past?

How to get rid of affection for the person - psychology

To get off a mind of some person dear to you, insufficiently just not to see him. Alas, in this case, the rule "out of sight, out of mind" does not work at all, and the lack of an object of your attachment does it even more desired and perfect nearby. For this reason, saying about how to get rid of affection for the girl, first of all it is worth understanding that you should try to change the life, to add to it activity and new hobbies.

  1. Communication. Expand a circle of the communication. Meet more often old friends who always perfectly will understand that they at you at heart, and will be able to support. But do not forget to strike up new acquaintances. New people will introduce a variety in your life. And, who knows, perhaps, you will get acquainted with the girl who will lodge in thoughts and then it is not necessary to think of how to get rid of affection for the ex-girlfriend because she will be replaced by attachment to new.
  2. Hobbies and hobby. Find for yourself new interesting occupations which will be able to fill your life. Get a dog, go to a travel or at least begin to collect brands. And, perhaps, be engaged in what you always dreamed of. For example, begin to write the novel which was planned long ago and all the time postponed because of employment.
  3. Be cheerful. Thinking of how to get rid of attachment in the woman whom you loved you will only be obsessed with a problem and risk to be depressed. Therefore do not think, and live and enjoy everyone the lived moment. Morning coffee, new acquaintances, bright declines, some tasty delicacies and new places. In life there is a set of reasons for joy, learn to notice them.

In general, all this the main councils which it is possible to allow to concern how to get rid of attachment. The main thing is to release the past which any more not to return, and not to be afraid to let in new the life. As they say, what does not become, all to the best. Who knows, perhaps, you should have lost ardent love to find true love?


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team