How to get to fall in love own husband

How to get to fall in love own husband

In day when people marry, they trust more sincerely and hope that they will love each other until the end of the days. However feelings change, develop or die away, people get used to each other, often at all leave. It is very difficult to hold the family relations at peak of passion and love constantly. At the same time to do family life various, to slightly open new sides in each other, to find ways again and again to kindle mutual feelings quite really.


1. Men - by the nature conquerors. And if the spouse is already won in every sense, then interest in it gradually dies away. It is better to keep the hunter and the getter in a constant tone, to give it an initiative, but not to put in slave position under a heel. Try to support constantly in the spouse feeling of interest in yourself, give it hints and the ideas as to please you, to make laugh, indulge, then it will be able to win you throughout all your joint life every day again and again.

2. It has to be interesting to the man with the companion. Only then he will hurry from work, to share with you the news, observations and problems. You have to be the wise adviser, the patient psychologist, a reliable shoulder and the strong back. Even if the woman voluntarily chose a way of the housewife, it does not mean that it is necessary to cease to develop the intelligence and to roll down to ladies' talk shows and soap series. Read fiction, you watch movies, listen to good music, be aware of the latest news, you go to theater, the museum and so forth. In a word, be interesting to themselves - and you will become interesting to the husband.

3. Learn to be the only, desired, universal woman. Having become the wife, you have to simultaneous play a set of roles: the best friend, mistress, housewife, culinary specialist, nurse, stylist and so forth. If never it is boring for your spouse with you if he has nothing will worry if at home there is a cosiness and comfort if in a bed there is a passion and caress, he just will appear to seek once all this elsewhere.

4. The intimate proximity plays not the last role in the family relations. Kind of sex with the husband how the ritual was identical to, in time is banal seemed and after intim, there is always an opportunity to diversify it, to make more sensual and interesting. Let from a conjugal duty your proximity to turn into sheer pleasure. Completely satisfied man as a full cat, will not even think of looking for other woman. Never refuse to the spouse such pleasant business as matrimonial proximity.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team