How to influence people?

How to influence people?

Among our environment there is a special category of people to whom the status of influential strongly was assigned. You for certain noticed what respect and authority such people hold. Their phrases quote, and immediately comply with requests. But how to achieve such result? How to learn to influence people that they changed the decisions in our advantage, respected our choice and were inspired by our actions? Let's try to understand this delicate question.

The factors affecting behavior of the person

To become the authority among people around, it is important to know about existence of certain factors, influencing the person. First of all, this perception of surrounding reality and a way which the person chose for interaction with it. It can be adoption of reality, its rejection or leaving it. As far as the person disposes to the environment and what he does, it is possible to see in his respect for others, enthusiasm for the work, readiness to help and sacrifice own interests. In behavior the position of the person, i.e. the attitude constant internally towards people and various situations becomes visible.

Let's consider some factors of influence on the person:

  1. Circle of contacts. An environment can include various contacts and communications: emotional and office. Here the circle of the next communication to which the person entirely trusts, a circle of periodic communication to which official and business contacts, and a circle of incidental communication which personal acquaintances and business partners enter belong enters.
  2. Role of the person in collective. Is also the important factor forming his behavior. The role of the person is formed in connection with his psychological features and the place which he takes in administrative hierarchy. Depending on a role which for himself was chosen by the person it is possible to predict his behavior and acts.
  3. Behavior type. The choice of that also depends on this factor as it is possible to influence people. There are four types of behavior – independent, guided by leadership, neutral and dependent. But, having even understood what type of behavior the person chose for himself, you do not hurry to draw about it conclusions as his choice quite could be imposed by people around or is chosen in connection with circumstances. It is anyway better to get acquainted with the person closer.

How to influence other people?

Experts claim that it is quite simple to carry out influence on mentality of the person. It is for this purpose important to know some rules

communications which performance will make your personality invaluable for people around.

  1. Be sociable. Communication is the main secret of influence. The you are more sociable, the bigger number of people will reach for you, and the quicker you will gain authority.
  2. Many for certain checked on own experience as strongly can infect one person surrounding enthusiasm only. Be this person!
  3. Be able to interest. Remember that in any business, first of all, his personal benefit is interesting to the person. Therefore, offering the partner the transaction, show at once, than it is useful to him.
  4. Work for the reputation. There is a rule according to which at first the person works for the name, and then the name begins to work for him. Try to ensure pure, spotless reputation and then you will provide trust to the personality.
  5. You learn to listen. For many people very important that the interlocutor listened and heard what they speak about. If they see in you the grateful listener – the respect is provided to you.
  6. Infect with a positive. Our mentality works in such a way that we unconsciously reach for the people radiating joy. Try to joke and smile more. And you by all means will find followers.
  7. Be not afraid to ask. For some reason many avoid this easy way of influence. And sometimes it is necessary to ask only, without having forgotten to tell at the same time "please". In most cases will respond to your politeness and will satisfy a request.

Everyone can influence human life. The main thing that it occurred not on malicious intent. Train in yourself accurate diction and a pleasant steady voice. Be open for people and are positive. And then shortly and you will be called the influential person.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team