How to influence the man

How to influence the man

Men do not even suspect how many ways of influence on the stronger sex women have. Even the simple look - calling, but at the same time strict, does of the man of an obedient lamb. And if all arsenal of cunnings is applied, to get under influence as easy as shelling pears.


1. It is the simplest to influence the man who is fascinated by you. And it means that for a start it is necessary to show the female essence. Coquettish "strelyaniye" eyes, a quiet voice which forces to listen an elegant pose, a ducking - these simple receptions will allow to strike on the spot the most firm man. And for the woman who was pleasant the man is ready to make anything.

2. After the first won "fight" continue approach. Include female helplessness and vulnerability. If you need to achieve something from the man, show that you count on his support because he strong and everything can do. Let he will be sure that without it you will be gone. Then it will carry out any desires, even without asking why you need it.

3. Pretend to be the little fool. Pretend that you do not understand something. You do not understand a question, became puzzled and now you will begin to cry. Let the man will feel the wise teacher or the elder brother. Only that it is also necessary for you, forgive to beloved children any pranks and constantly indulge them.

4. Do not show that you are stronger than the man, do not order, you do not shout. In such a way it is possible to influence only weaklings. Strong will not suffer causeless scandals and, of course, will not begin to satisfy the requests stated by mandative tone. You do not handle orchestra seats as with a guard dog to construct the harmonious relations, it is necessary to be as equals.

5. Try to understand the man and give to him a wise advice. If in the beloved there is something from mother, the man quickly gets under influence. But be not overzealous. Hyper guardianship of the beloved husband often leads to stains. The man ceases to see the woman in the beloved, she becomes for him the third parent, the sexual relations stop, marriage collapses.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team