How to learn that he thinks of you

How to learn that he thinks of you

Probably, each girl is familiar with such magic feeling as love. Most often young maiden heart fades in time when on the horizon darling appears. Many ladies begin to guess, asking themselves in mind the questions "Whether the First Should Start Talking to It?", "What Does He Think of Me?", "Whether He Takes a Liking to Me?". On these questions it is possible to receive the answer very simply, track behavior of "subject" of your ardent love.

1. The fact is that many guys are inclined to have the same feelings at the sight of the nice girl who attracted them, as well as women. Therefore try to come to the guy into contact and look at how he at the same time behaves. For example, if you are pleasant to the guy, he will speak with you in a different way, not as he talks usually. Another thing is that the guy can hide manifestation of the sympathy slightly rather impudent and self-confident intonation. But it is also simple to notice it.

2. If you see that the guy of the beginnings at you is more courageous to behave, it can mean the fact that you to him attracted. He wants to make an impression on you. But sometimes especially sensitive natures are endured so that they completely lose all actor's abilities and strongly change in the eyes. The voice becomes hoarse, the person begins to behave more modestly, talks more quietly and less surely.

3. If the young man who is the ringleader and soul of the company alone with you becomes suspiciously thoughtful and silent, so he just hesitates to express the feelings. But you can understand on such behavior that you to it really are pleasant and to take the first step most. So silent behavior can speak also about indifference, full to you, but in this case you will hardly remain with such guy alone.

4. Besides all manifestations of confusion speaking about manifestation of sympathy there are also other signs. If in a conversation with you the young man crosses on a hand breast, twirls in a hand a pencil or the handle, irons a chin or just keeps hands at himself in pockets, prick up the ears. It is bad sign which speaks about unwillingness to communicate with you. Usually in this situation the guy is intense. If his body is relaxed, he listens carefully to you, looks only in the face and is gradually attached closer to you, means it is possible to relax and be surer – the guy takes at least a deep liking to you.

5. And the last: more precisely, than the word sympathy cannot express any other gesture. Ask the guy "directly" how he treats you. If you decided to observe him, do not draw hasty conclusions. Only one interest during the conversation with you will not tell about much. Perhaps, he just suffers your presence out of politeness. And the most important – sympathy can be expressed in different ways therefore also there is no universal formula of its definition.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team