How to learn to kiss the girl?

How to learn to kiss the girl?

"There is nothing more perfectly", - will tell some, "There is nothing volshebny", - will tell the second, "There is nothing more disturbing, - will note the third, - than to kiss darling". However all this recedes into the background if your kiss – the first. Hands shiver, breath gets off, and in the head the question "How It Is Correct to Kiss the Girl, First, Not to Offend Her, and, Secondly, Not to Seem Ridiculous or Inept?" persistently fights.

Of course, first of all, it is necessary to try to calm down as in a condition of nervousness we become clumsy and easily we can make some nonsense. After you feel that breath returned to normal, and pulse slowed down, can start active actions.

How to learn to kiss the girl - useful tips:

  • it is better, than any article, on a question: "How it is necessary to kiss the girl?" the answer to you will be given by movies. Attentively track actions of the main characters, noting all details. However it does not mean at all that you have to act on an appointment strictly according to the scenario spotted from the TV screen. Improvisation never is superfluous;
  • use one of the checked ways – be trained to kiss on tomatoes. They differ from other vegetables in an ideal combination of elasticity and softness. But you should not assign to this method of too great expectations as any, even the finest, tomato will not replace vivacity and sensuality of maiden lips;
  • how to begin to kiss the girl? At first be convinced that she wants it not less you. It will be visible on behavior. If its breath slightly falteringly, it is silent, and a look caresses your lips, it is a sure sign of that, as she is already ready for "a romanticism wave";
  • be gentle and patient. Kind of you did not want to learn with it all charm of the French kiss, you should not hurry. Slightly touch by the lips of her lips, such kiss in east treatises about love is called "wind touch". It kindles passion and promotes bigger proximity;
  • be not obsessed with something one. If you do not know yet how it is better to kiss the girl, but at the same time want to give her unearthly pleasure, turn the kisses from exacting and persistent into caressing. Gently touch by lips of her cheek, a neck, kiss her fingers then again return to lips;
  • be not excessively shy. Girls do not love roughness and assertiveness, however not less they are irritated at the same time by excessive shyness at all. Each woman at heart dreams to be subdued by the brave knight therefore if you ask boringly permissions to each subsequent step, it instead of gratitude can conceive boomerang effect;
  • how it is necessary to kiss the girl that it was pleasant to her? First of all, it is necessary to be oneself. If you worry, you should not hide it, it will look much more naturally, than an image of the fatal seducer to which you do not correspond at all.
  • the real kiss vzasos means obligatory "game" of languages which gives to lovers the greatest pleasure. But before passing to a program body, previously look at reaction of the girl. Gently caress language of her lip if it is not discharged and does not express the discontent – go further. For a short moment slightly open her lips the language then again return to simple contacts.

Several important nuances how to learn to kiss the girl:

  • do not forget about freshness of breath;
  • if the girl is not ready to this step yet, do not insist;
  • contrary to popular belief, it is optional at all before for the first time kissing the girl "for bravery" to take alcoholic beverages, it can be unpleasant to your beloved.

As it is not necessary to kiss the girl:

  • roughly;
  • persistently;
  • snatching on it from first minutes of an appointment;
  • playing from itself the lover's hero flaring passion.

However you also surely will understand how it is correct to kiss the girl if this girlfriend. Lyubov does not notice errors and nervousness, she is not interested in correctness of the equipment of a kiss, she sees only tenderness and passion in eyes.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team