How to look after the husband

How to look after the husband

They say that men - the stronger sex. The husband has to protect the wife, care for her, earn money for the family and to be its head. In practice other situation turns out absolutely. Very often in family life the woman undertakes the main role and manages not only to care for the man, to be in charge of housekeeping, but also to work.


1. The woman has to store the family center. She keeps the house clean and an order, watches economy and to care for the spouse and other family members. The man, though seems a being strong, actually is very sensitive and vulnerable nature. He is not adapted for stresses and various difficult situations at all therefore women very carefully look after the husbands. First of all you have to think that the kind man is a full man. All the time you watch that your husband was not hungry. You have to prepare for him a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner, and food has to be various and tasty. Some girls are too fixated on healthy food, but men are irritated sometimes by it. Any man will not be full easy and low-calorie vegetable salads.

2. Your husband always has to look purely and tidily. In time wash its things, iron his shirts, help to tie to him a tie before appearance at work. Remember that the appearance of your man characterizes you as the hostess.

3. When the man comes back home from work, he needs rest. Do not stick to it with excess inquiries, but also it is not necessary to ignore its emergence of the house too. Greet it, take an interest, how was your day, but do not load it with the problems and cares. Houses the husband has to have a rest from all vanity which surrounded it the whole day.

4. The person always needs communication. Do not limit the husband in rest with friends. Allow it to spend Saturday evening to the companies of friends, it sometimes needs men's support and men's council. When the husband comes back home, try to show less curiosity and do not arrange interrogations, concerning where and with whom he spent time. Believe if the man wants to tell something to you, he will tell.

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