How to make a life tree

How to make a life tree

Still for a long time it is considered that drawing up a family tree is a destiny of aristocrats and the nobility. Today it is accepted to hang out a tree some kind of on the most visible and a place of honor in the house. And absolutely not very well who your great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers were: dukes and duchesses or ordinary workers and peasants. If you decided on drawing up a tree some kind of, then be ready to informative adventures and opening, perhaps not always pleasant, but fascinating.


1. First of all have a talk with all the senior family members. Learn from them that they remember the childhood and parents. To you will know only names and surnames of your relatives not enough. Learn their biography, a field of activity, private life, the place in social society. All information told you needs to be summarized in a notebook that to forget nothing.

2. Can happen so that your senior relatives are absent in this world any more or they cannot tell you the necessary information. Then the regional archive to the aid can come you. Begin archival search with the last residence of your family in the opposite direction: from the grandfather and the grandmother to the great-grandfather and the great-grandmother. It will allow to find the mass of useful and reliable information about your family.

3. The last stage is drawing up and the graphic representation of the tree of life. There are two options of its drawing up: the ascending family tree where the trunk symbolizes you, and branches - your parents and great-grandfathers, and descending where in a tree trunk the founders of your sort, and the topmost branches are you. Any of these options gives a scope to your imagination and imagination. It is traditionally accepted to decorate a tree with various symbols, drawings and the coat of arms of family. Photos with family members can be selected too: women's – to circle with a red oval, and men's – a blue rhombus.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team