How to make it is pleasant to the man

How to make it is pleasant to the man

That tender feelings on the relation to each other did not die away, and on the contrary flared every day new passion, it is necessary to support them. Severe life and daily occurrence can play a dirty trick - under their impact even the strongest relations are capable to collapse. That it did not occur, it is necessary to feed the partner with positive emotions. Knowing how to make it is pleasant to the man, it is possible to return to the relations former harmony.

In fight for former passion the woman has to listen first of all not to emotions, but reason. Emotions in the relations, of course, occupy a considerable role, it is even more true to tell one of predominating, but at times under their influence it is possible to make irreparable things.

How to make it is pleasant to the man

First of all the woman has to realize that men absolutely in a different way see the world around - their preferences and vital values can differ from women's considerably. For example, men appreciate ability to respect their personal territory in favourite ladies. For them it is very important aspect without which they do not represent the happy and strong relations. Not each woman can reconcile to it, but acceptance of the elect it what he is, will make joint life much easier and more pleasantly.

The following method how to make it is pleasant to the man - it is to listen to him, and not just to pretend, namely to listen attentively to each word told them. It is important to it to state all that happened at it at work, to friends, etc. So your darling feels necessary, and it is required to him not less, than to you.

Tasty made dinner will be a pleasant surprise for men. All know long ago that the way to heart of the man lies through a stomach, and full. Please the satellite and cook for it its favourite dishes.

Sex is the integral aspect in the relations between the man and the woman. This party of a question should pay a lot of attention. It is important to remember that sex has to bring mutual pleasure. If for the woman is a tenderness and caress, then for the man - freedom of the darling. Darling, also as well as you, wants to make to you pleasantly therefore any stesneniye need to give resolute repulse.The man always waits for approval from the soulmate as it adds to it self-confidence and in the forces. Also the female criticism therefore, expressing the opinion, the woman has to select each word carefully has the same huge impact on men.

The last way how to make it is pleasant to the man, taking into account in the equality relations is. It is possible to achieve equality by eradication from the relations of such concept as "has to make". The words "wants and can" have to come to replacement to this phrase. Respect of the rights and requirements - a key to family happiness!

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