How to make romantic evening for darling

How to make romantic evening for darling

Each girl in love at least once puzzled over how to give romantic party for darling. And here candles burn everywhere, instead of a habitual dressing gown the most beautiful linen, and on a table – not chicken and fried potato, and wine and strawberry with cream is put on. This traditional romantic evening never gets out of fashion and does not bother lovers. However there are some more quite good options of evening together.


1. If you live on the topmost floor, and outside the window May smells sweet as magnificent color, and the sun so attractively attracts and heats the beams, give romantic party on a balcony. If you have a rocking-chair, - is excellent if is not present – it is possible to be located conveniently on soft pillows on a floor. Seeing off the sun and admiring a decline, it is possible to drink a cup of hot chocolate and if the breeze blows, to be wrapped up in one plaid and to dream of the future.

2. If your young man the fan of books and crossword puzzles, spend for him intellectual romantic evening. Decorate the room with the printed-out quotes from the best books about love, make a collage with your joint photo, and for a dessert give an arrowword where the key moments of your relationship will be encrypted: month of a meeting, tender nicknames, favourite color. And maybe, you will begin to write the book of your love to this evening together?

3. Let your house for the evening will turn into some salon or cafe. Meet him in a suit of the waitress and tell that in your cafe "Heart in Love" a table for two is reserved, you lead him to the room and serve light pleasant meal to a table. While he eats, it is possible to change clothes quickly in other room and to give darling a lovely surprise. The fan of sport can also turn the apartment into sports clubs-competitions in darts or throwing of rings precisely will be pleasant and will not disturb neighbors.

4. Invite the young man to that place where you derive strength and inspiration, you have a rest soul. Let he will experience all beauty and power of this place, and you will tell it as you strong love it and as to you it is important that it was always near. It is possible to remember kind stories from the past or to share with each other secrets and secrets.

5. Look with it together at it the favourite World Cup or the movie. The dinner, by the way, has to be corresponding. It will estimate chicken, chips and beer at such moments, and to look here "Transformers" and is strawberry – hardly. Also you do not grumble about senselessness of a plot or a bad game of football players, try to look at them eyes of darling, and then the young man will estimate your efforts and evening will pass smoothly and cheerfully.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team