How to meet the husband from army

How to meet the husband from army

The meeting of darling who comes back from army, assumes efforts, but they joyful and not so burdensome. Usually the holiday is organized by all relatives, bringing together all the members at a hospitable table. But, of course, the young spouse seeks to see and hug the beloved wife quicker.


1. You have to help parents of the husband to clean up the house and to prepare a treat for guests. Ask the husband what dishes he wants to try. Army food does not differ in a variety, and soldiers dream of home cuisine and dainties. Make the menu only of those dishes which your husband is eager to try.

2. His house the cosiness and beauty – all that it was deprived in barracks have to meet. Clean up the house, lay an elegant cloth and put the best service on a table. Pay special attention to the room, your with the husband, or the bedroom. The soldier dreams not only of tasty food, but even more he waits for caress of the beloved wife.

3. If you think that relatives will not leave you alone, think of other options of a meeting of the husband from army. Of course, it is good if you have certain housing. In this case you will always be able imperceptibly to escape because of a table with the husband and to retire to the apartment.

4. There are great options and for couples which dreamed of romantic days together long ago. For example, you can rent a separate lodge in country club or holiday house. Thus, the demobilized husband will have a rest outdoors and will be able to enjoy embraces of the wife fully.

5. There nobody will prevent you, and you will be able to lay down and get out of a bed when want. Usually such institutions offer also rest in a bath or a sauna, an arbor with a brazier and walks by the boat on a reservoir. All this, certainly, will be pleasant to your husband who long time of veins under the strict charter.

6. Then you have to meet mutual friends and walk round the city. Show the spouse all changes which happened during his absence. Attend concerts and exhibitions, new entertaining institutions and interesting actions. Present to the husband flight in the balloon or a master class in the hot forge.

7. Help the recent soldier to adapt to civil life. Visit with him shop of fashionable men's wear and update its clothes that the spouse felt confident and it is comfortable at communication with people around.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team