How to play with the child a cool game ""Snow City"

How to play with the child a cool game ""Snow City"

This game for a long time will carry away your kid. If you are not confused by damp cleaning after this occupation, surely play ""The snow city""! All children just in indescribable delight from this game.

For a game it is required: 

- flour - 100 g 

- wooden designer or toy lodges

- small machines and train

- toy little men 

- cones or toy trees

- paper or Whatman paper

- paints

Take the big sheet of paper or stick together several small. Paint paper in black color in order that on it the dropped-out snow was visible. Wait until paint dries. Build together with the kid the city of the wooden designer, place it on the painted paper. Cones can represent trees, cubes and other designer will turn into houses. Place little toy men with whom your child likes to play. If desired it is possible to make in the city even a zoo with figures of animals. Do not forget to find in your city the place for machines and the toy train.

Tell the kid the fairy tale about this city. That residents of this fantastic city never in life saw snow. They dreamed to see it, to touch and play with it. Therefore they addressed the mother Prirode and asked her that it sent snow to their city. And the mother Priroda responded and sent a lot of snow to this fantastic city. On this place take a sieve and fill flour there. Let's the kid sift flour on the turned-out city. Tell the fairy tale further: tell that snow dropped out everywhere, both on houses, and on roads. Inhabitants very much were delighted, began to shout: ""Ur, snow! What it is wonderful and cold!""

When all ""snow"" lies on city streets, suggest the kid to clean it by means of different brushes - thick and thin. Shovel away snow shovels - small spoons. Let residents will clean roofs of houses from snow and the road. For this purpose brushes or directly fingers trace roads for cars or a way for the toy train. Accompany all this with comments that it was even more interesting to your kid. It is possible to play long this game, again collecting ""snow"" and pouring out it on the city. Think up the continuation of the fairy tale. Very much it will be pleasant to your child! You can film a game to remember then as it was cheerful and interesting!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team