How to quarrel the guy with the girl forever

How to quarrel the guy with the girl forever

Happens very offensively when the man of your dream already meets someone. But not everything is lost, it is possible to try to quarrel the guy with the girl, and then to take away him. For this purpose it is required to make a lot of efforts, but sometimes it is worth it.

For a start you need to find out about everything about the competitor. It is necessary to find out its merits and demerits that she loves, does not love what habits at it. Pay special attention it to weaknesses that at an opportunity to use this information against it. If you have no mutual friends, it is possible to find information through social networks or simple observation of an object.

We gain the confidence

You need to find out preferences of the guy that is pleasant to him in girls. Then try to give to the shape and behavior similarity with its ideal. You do not go too far, do not stop being yourself. Completely false personality will not be able to interest for a long time, sooner or later deception will reveal and you will lose it.

You spend time with the guy more often, try to remain alone. But do not show frank hostility to his girl, it can set by the ears you. At first you need to be at the best – cheerful, the darling, the understanding girl who shares its interests. Begin to be engaged in something together. If the guy likes to run in the evenings, suggest to keep him the company. It is possible to ask him to teach you to the hobby if you, for example, are not able to roller-skate, and he is able in perfection.

We win the guy

When you feel that between you the cordial and trusting relations were established, it is possible to pass to the second part of the plan – to quarrel the guy with the girl forever. Use its shortcomings, but intelligently. It is not necessary to stop at nothing and to say that it does not need the girl with a big nose or curve legs. Use shortcomings of its character. For example, if she likes to go on clubs without it, lodge in the young man's head a thought that it can change it. Or if she likes to go shopping, joke that you do not earn so much in a month how many it spends in day. Provide to the guy food for thought that he began to doubt the girl. At this time near him there will be you are a girl who is ideal for it. You have common interests, you spend much time together, with you he feels easily and easy. Now it is possible to begin to tempt him. Put on so that to emphasize your femininity. Use a little cosmetics and spirits. Concern it more often, face when walking by hands, laugh at his jokes, you look in the face longer than usual. Try to take all its time that it did not have time for the girl. Invite to concerts of your favorite band, at cinema on novelties, sorties for jog or other your general interest. In advance agree that he responded to any proposal of the girl "I already promised to go to other place". And over time they will leave, and you will take its place.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team