How to refuse to the guy the relations

How to refuse to the guy the relations

Why with someone there is a wish to meet and have close relations, and with someone – no? The person can be both nice, and kind, and generous, positive from all directions, but if heart is not located to it, hardly near it you will feel happy. But how it is correct to refuse to it not to offend and let know that the joint future at you with it is not expected?


1. First of all, everything depends on degree of proximity of your relations. If you yet not met with the guy and promised nothing to it, then the most correct style of behavior – demonstration of absolute indifference. Try to look detached at its presence and surely you watch language of the body. Do not turn in its party, do not show the openness, you do not look to it in the face and, especially, do not touch it even accidentally if nevertheless it is necessary to talk.

2. Your refusal has to be categorical. Therefore - any smiles and jokes. Remember that you should keep up out of politeness with it the conversation, and for the young man it can already be a signal to contact continuation.

3. If you uncertainly behave, your behavior can be regarded simply as tamping to the prices or a lomaniye. Therefore the guy, most likely, will make attempt to strengthen on you pressing and will treble the attempts to begin to look after you, any representative of an opposite sex by the nature the hunter.

4. You should not show excessive aggression, you do not know still this person and do not present him to response. If you do not want troubles, it is better to try to make refusal in a firm, but polite form.

5. If you already tried to meet a little the guy and through some time understood that it not yours, and you should stop these relations, the line of conduct is built in a different way. First, it is the best of all if you are honest and frank. Why to fool the worthy person who, as well as you, maybe, it is happy to arrange the destiny? Tell him honestly that you very much regret that now you speak, but differently cannot arrive that he is a nice guy, but feelings cannot order. You speak so that it had no hope that further resumption of your relations is possible. Suggest it to remain the friend. It is unlikely he will at once agree. But when there will pass some time, acute sense of offense will leave, and he realizes the gap fact, the friendly relations are quite possible.

6. The sense of humour can help with a hard conversation. Turn a situation so that your boyfriend did not take offense, and burst out laughing. He, of course, will be upset, but an unpleasant deposit in his shower for certain will remain less.

7. With the sensitive, ambitious and persistent admirer to speak especially hard. Therefore it is better for you to consider words which you are going to tell, in advance. It is not necessary to begin a conversation if you are angry and you cannot master yourself. And, of course, during the conversation it is not necessary to feel sorry for the admirer or to respond to his provocations. Be firm, it is sincere and are rectilinear. In the future the guy will estimate it.

8. Make so that the young man left you. There are several ways to make it possible. First, "discredit" yourself in his eyes. If you know what he appreciates you, try clearly to let know that you not such. Secondly, show excessive importunity. Bother it at the slightest pretext. Show too great attention and try to control every minute his lives. Thirdly, check it for "pediculosis". Show that you have an array of problems in life, from moral to material and that you expect "to settle" them with its help. Besides, if you understand that before you the person not really serious, it is possible "to finish" him the matrimonial plans. Hint that you expect from him filing of application in the REGISTRY OFFICE right now.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team