How to restore the relations with former

How to restore the relations with former

There is a set of wise phrases, such, for example, as: "Measure seven times, – cut off one" or "We have – we do not appreciate, potyaryavsh - we cry" which all depth and truthfulness becomes clear only after when you left the partner and, through time, began to understand that still you love it and you want to be together. If it seems to you that else it is possible to correct an error, then it is worth trying to make it.


1. Consider that situation which led to a rupture of your relations. If there are turning points which you will be able to remember without special work – a large quarrel or the caused offense which someone could not forgive, - that the probability of renewal of relations is rather high. If the gap occurred from scratch, on set of the reasons, so to speak, then you should not feed special hopes, but it is worth trying. Analyze your relationship and find mistakes which you should correct and not to repeat any more if you were going to make attempt to reconciliation again.

2. Learn from mutual friends about your former darling, show interest, begin to speak of it with warmth, grief and tenderness. Mutual friends always often play a role of a binding and transfer link. If you really were on friendly terms in couples, then your gap it, for certain, was not to liking, and they with pleasure will transfer your words and responses. For certain, it will be pleasant to it that you did not forget it and you remember.

3. Think over some natural reason for a call or a meeting with it. For example, you can make an appointment to transfer it some forgotten knickknack. But better to say that someone from your acquaintances is interested in its professional services and you act as the intermediary. If to try, then such reason can be without effort. But you remember that it has to be natural and rather valid.

4. Be prepared for a meeting, for couple of days to it you descend to the hairdresser and the cosmetologist, sleep well to look well-groomed and attractive. Be sure that any man can realize it absolutely unconsciously. Besides, awareness of own irresistibility will give you confidence and charm. On a meeting it is not necessary to dress up especially, but it is better for thing to put on new which he did not see on you yet and which to you, certainly, go.

5. At a meeting your behavior and a conversation have to be quiet and friendly. Behave neutrally and detached, but he is friendly. Show readiness for communication. If it comes to your general past, express a regret and apologize for the mistakes. If necessary, repeat a meeting. You will understand whether there are chances that your relations will renew. According to it also build the further tactical line and act on circumstances.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team