How to return feelings

How to return feelings

The waltz by Mendelssohn died down. There passed time and passions began to cease. Everyday life began. At some point the accumulated mutual claims, a routine and habits can force out love from heart. Some couples decide to leave, – to suffer others, and here the third – regain control over situation and try to return freshness of feelings. And it is not so difficult, the main thing is to understand what to begin with.


1. If to you bothered to eat in the same place, at the same time the same dishes, talk to darling. Make, if not repair, then shift of furniture. Learn to cook new dishes. You go to restaurant.

2. Try to be more often together. Over time at you common interests can disappear therefore they can be created artificially. Register together to the pool, or you go to studio to tango lessons. By the way, it is very passionate dance which will help to wake sensuality. Or be engaged in what to both of you will become interesting.

3. You speak with each other more often. Discuss not only problems, but also tell what you think at present of or what you dream of. Or perhaps you are afraid of something? Share, and it will bring together you. You can arrange "day of letters" when you leave for each other letters in a handbag, a pocket and so on.

4. Do each other pleasant surprises as once, at the beginning of your relations. You can organize a celebration or a picnic in honor of your personal St. Valentine's Day.

5. More often gently concern darling. Believe, it will not remain unaddressed.

6. You are proud of achievements of the partner, whether it be business success, successfully prepared new dish or the long scarf knit for you. Or perhaps your half learned a modern language or created the hands a masterpiece?

7. Remember former happy days as to you it was good together at the very beginning of joint life, those tenderness and passion which overflowed you. Try to keep feeling of heat and joy between you in the present.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team