How to return former feelings

How to return former feelings

Great number of married couples notice that over the years feelings as though fade; only units manage to carry by love through all life. These units have no secret except that they try for the sake of preservation of the feelings while the majority neglects this process. But even if it seems to you that the love begins to die away, return former feelings it is possible.


1. Ask a question whether still you are that person whom your spouse married, or you lost a lot of things on the road? It is no secret that many people during the period of courtings try to be at the best: women beautifully put on, often smile, take care and understanding in relation to the man. And these women, having changed the status, relax and become negligent in relation to the appearance and to the behavior. They are able to afford to go at the husband the sloven and to break on him bad mood. In the same way also men arrive. Such negligence – the first step to fading of feelings. And if you want to return former feelings, become that the woman whom your husband married.

2. Talk more often. In the evenings any city is flooded by couples in love which slowly go along streets and cannot have a good long talk. And all because a talk – one more sign of love. When people love each other, they seek to share everything that occurs in their life with the half. When people cease to talk, the love leaves. Therefore if you see that a talk in your couple takes place more and more seldom, it is a disturbing call. Try to find time for a talk with the husband even if you are very busy.

3. Give compliments to the husband and you say that you love him. Over time these words begin to be pronounced more and more seldom, and on them the love keeps. Make a habit every morning to awake the spouse with a gentle smile and to say how he is dear to you. It is simple, but such action will help to keep love for many years.

4. The love dies away with boredom therefore try to do your life interesting and various. You give the spouse surprises, organize joint travel to places interesting to both of you, think over your leisure not to miss.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team