How to return romanticism to marriage?

How to return romanticism to marriage?

Even if women are happy in the marriage, sometimes all of them begin to complain about lack of romanticism in the relations. With regret remember that rose and candy stage when there were many flowers, gifts and other pleasant surprises. How to return romanticism to the relations and whether it is possible to make it in general?


1. The romanticism in the relations can return thanks to unplanned gifts and surprises. Present to the spouse a compact disk with his favorite band, tickets for a sports match, small souvenirs or something else that surely will be pleasant to it. Such surprise it will become without cause obligatory an impulse for response from the husband.

2. Will be able to tell such trifles as various cards or letters which, as we know, are romanticism harbingers of warm and sincere feelings. By phone or e-mail you will not be able to inform of all that tenderness and warmth which are possessed by hand-written letters and paper cards.

3. Having lived with the person several years, we sometimes forget to pay him compliments. The routine, everyday life and household problems often conduct to the fact that spouses begin to forget all that good that once attracted them in each other. Do not forget to praise at least sometimes the husband, and tell about all his merits to friends and relatives. Same it is possible to do accidentally and in phone conversations that your darling as if accidentally will hear it. Such relation will cause delight if it knows that it is still loved and appreciated in any.

4. It is possible to return romanticism by means of joint travel. Trips always return novelty and former romanticism in the relations. And it is not only about long trips to a holiday. It can be also small travel on the weekend to the country, or even a picnic at the dacha. It is possible to plan this action in advance, and to present to the husband as a surprise. Having remained alone in new conditions, you will be able to enjoy with each other.

5. Will help to wake to the romantic and to stir up love different pleasant trifles. For example, unusually issued photos. You can put a portrait of the beloved husband or your joint photo on a bedside table. Also special music which reminds spouses of the best and pleasant moments of their life spent together will help to add romanticism.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team