How to stop being jealous

The jealousy is a feeling which is inherent in almost each person. But this feeling not always does well, and often is a shortcoming. When the jealousy prevents you to live normally, dims reason and forces to make such acts from which other people suffer subsequently, it is necessary to struggle with it.


1. Be convinced whether there are sufficient bases for emergence of jealousy. Women often show jealousy to protect the partner from treason that that felt that to be under constant control. And this control on the contrary pushes men to treason. Here also leaves: what fought for - on that and ran. Therefore consider the fears whether there is really an occasion to be jealous, allocate or whether you actually heard something compromising.

2. Just it would be quite good and to have with darling a heart-to-heart talk. To tell about the concerns. Often your suspicions are only an imagination fruit, and much exaggerated. Having found out all misunderstanding and disagreements, this feeling is simple to be dissolved in reconciliation and love.

3. If all above does not overpersuade you, it is necessary to address the specialist psychologist. As strongly jealous people are generally diffident, weak persons who do not trust the partner in anything. All their life is continuous emotions, quarrels with favourite people, complex. And girlfriends with mother will not be able to punch this wall of misunderstanding and fears, it is subject only to the expert. Remember that nobody is able to maintain constant quarrels in family from scratch.

4. If you want quiet seed life or cordial relations, stop, stop making the life miserable of yourself and to darling. Occupy yourself with affairs, be engaged in something pleasant and useful to you, distract yourself from these thoughts. Begin to love yourself and the partner. You will raise a self-assessment, and you will understand as far as you are loved and are afraid to lose. Remember that the love grants freedom and happiness. Enjoy every minute, carried out together.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team