How to suggest to meet to the guy

How to suggest to meet to the guy

Yet rather recently one thought that the girl can show an initiative in the relations with the stronger sex, seemed nearly "a shock of bases". Now it shocks nobody. Therefore if the guy really was pleasant to the girl, she can "quite take business in hand". In other words to suggest it to get acquainted closer. Especially, if he for some reason shows restraint. There is a lot of ways. As it is better to make it - depends on character of the girl, her habits, temperament, education.


1. The simplest (and sometimes the most effective) the way is to approach the young man and to frankly tell it something: "Listen, you are pleasant to me! Let's meet!" It has both pluses, and minuses. On the one hand, it clears up at once. But, unfortunately, it can also frighten off simply the good, but timid guy. And some male individuals besides can mistakenly, but absolutely sincerely consider such girl thoughtless, badly well-mannered.

2. You can resort to the indirect invitation. For example, having suggested the man to descend together somewhere. If he willingly agrees, half-affairs is already made, now depends only on you that joint pastime was pleasant to it. If refuses (especially if refusals continue and from now on), so it or loves another, or you, alas, not in its taste.

3. How to work in such situation – to solve, of course, to you. Perhaps, the best exit will be to overcome the hurt pride and "not to run after" to the young man to whom you are obviously not interesting. On light there are enough guys capable to fall in love with you and to appreciate.

4. Rather effective way is to ask about the help of the mutual friend, the girlfriend or "just" familiar. That "object" of your interest was hinted: "pay attention, the good little girl, and you are obviously not indifferent for her". Sometimes it can help.

5. Try to learn as much as possible about this guy. What its character, hobbies, habits. If any general interest is found in you, communication will go, "like clockwork"! To then suggest it an idea that you should meet, it will be far simpler.

6. Also you remember: men in the majority do not love too "relaxed", is too free the behaving girls. But likewise they are frightened off by "touchy persons". Try to adhere to "golden mean"! Exactly, as one poet recommended: Protect, the little girl, kisses and look, not perebereg!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team