How to surprise the wife?

How to surprise the wife?

Did you decide to add a little passion to your relations, or date, important for both of you, comes? It is an excellent occasion to show imagination and to think how it is pleasant to surprise the wife.

How to surprise the wife?

If you want to surprise, at once refuse banal gifts. However, if you did not give 5 years it flowers, then it is possible to surprise her even with a usual bouquet of roses. We will consider the most interesting ways to make an impression on the spouse:

  • invite her to horse walk;
  • organize a picnic on one of roofs of skyscrapers of your city;
  • invite her to a concert of the favourite performer to the neighboring city;
  • organize a dinner in the VIP-hall of the best restaurant in the city;
  • invite to drive in the balloon;
  • suggest to drive by the boat on the lake or a pond;
  • reserve a room for the weekend in any suburban sanatorium – for change of a situation.

The best way to surprise the spouse is to invite her to unusual pastime. Before it it is worth finding out how it treats it that your surprise was apprehended on hurrah.

How to surprise the wife without money?

If with complexity finance, and all the same there is a wish for a holiday, it is quite possible to think how to surprise the wife of the house. Ways weight,

  • choose the fact that to you to liking:
  • come back home before it and make a romantic dinner;
  • gather for it a bathtub with a skin and petals of roses (they can be received for kopeks in flowers shops);
  • bring it a breakfast in bed;
  • write declarations of love on small pieces of paper and spread out on all house;
  • give for it party of massage on all body with use of aromatic oils.

If you thought of how to surprise the wife in a bed, remember what was always pleasant to it, and try to realize it. After a dinner with a wine small bottle your efforts anyway will receive a bigger response, women appreciate a situation and care.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team