How to swaddle the child: easy way

How to swaddle the child: easy way

There are opinions on swaddling of children excellent from each other. Women of the senior generation consider that hardly it is just necessary to swaddle the newborn that legs of the kid were rovnenky, and young mothers opposite, consider that swaddling deprives of the baby of development of motility.

So, after an exit in "light" the baby gets to open unusual to it space, and begins to jerk sharply legs and handles to rest them against walls of a uterus of mother as he got used to their close embraces. And as it does not occur, the kid has a panic. Therefore to return to the child comfort, he is swaddled. There are two ways of swaddling: hard swaddling and free. Let's consider in more detail each of them.

In the first way to swaddle the child it is necessary generally during the first ten days of his life. put on on it a baby's undershirt with the sewed shot sleeves, after a diaper put a corner and cover with a corner of a diaper a head of the kid. The free end of a diaper it is necessary to press one handle of the baby to a little body and to pass this end under the child. The same actions need to be made also with the second end of a diaper, only in an opposite direction. After this kid it is necessary to turn in the second diaper under a neck, and under buttocks to put an oilcloth. From above the baby can be covered with a blanket.

It is necessary to swaddle the child after ten days of his life in the second way of swaddling. For this purpose over a flannelette diaper put the gauze diaper folded by a triangle. Then dress the kid in a thin baby's undershirt which seams have to be outside, and a section behind, from above it put on the second dense baby's undershirt a section forward and put it on diapers. The upper edge of a diaper at the same time has to reach armpits of the kid, and the waist to touch a diaper. The bottom edge of a diaper is got between the child's legs, covered on a tummy with the left end, and then right. From above a diaper put one more diaper which is folded by 8 times a rectangle. The kid is wrapped the left side of a diaper, and then right in so-called "tube". Develop its bottom edge, bend it forward and up, and side edges fill for a back. All folds are smoothed not to give an inconvenience to the child, at the same time his handles remain free. 

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