How to take away the husband from the mistress

If your spouse was fond of other woman, and you are not going to be given and release him, try to analyze your family life. You have to understand what attracted him in that woman and what is not enough for you. Light a spark in your relations again, and you will manage to return darling to family.


1. If you obtained unpleasant information on existence mistresses at your husband, you should not be depressed and especially at once to submit the petition for divorce. Do not give pleasure to a razluchnitsa. She, most likely, also tries to obtain it. Perhaps even, she will create intentionally situations when you learn about treason. Especially it is impossible to arrange hysterics, scandals and showdowns with voices raised. It will only push away your spouse from you more, and to solve a problem thus it will not turn out.

2. Think of that and whether it is worth speaking about your guesses in general. If the man does not say that he stopped loving and wants to leave family, he means or only got nothing not meaning affair, or accepted the final decision yet. Having told it about your guesses, you can push him to leaving in other family.

3. Best of all in this situation to carry out correction of mistakes in your relations. Be not sorry and fail, the man ""leaves on the party"" in case he lacks something in the matrimonial relations.

4. If at you the passion was gone, and the relations became equal and boring, give for the spouse romantic party with candles, a tasty dinner, slow dance, etc. Remember, than you so ""hooked"" on it that he wanted to see you the wife, and try to return the past.

5. Prove to it that you it is better than that the woman of whom he was fond. Buy a new stunning dress, do unusual hair (change color or length of hair) and go with girlfriends to cafe. But be not overzealous in desire to force the spouse you to be jealous. You do not pass line finally not to destroy the relation. He only has to understand that you the beautiful woman and alone will not remain that you are sexy and are pleasant to other men. Men are owners, and he, certainly, will look at you with other eyes and will be afraid to lose.

6. Be tolerant. Surround it with a bigger care and attention, indulge favourite dishes more often, be interested in affairs at work, express sympathy and support if necessary. He has to understand that nobody will be able to understand and appreciate so it as you.

7. Go all family (together with children) to a holiday. You will be able to pull out it from this vicious circle for some time: wife, it, mistress. It will have an opportunity to be convinced once again that only in the bosom of the family he can be really happy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team