How to tempt the husband

How to tempt the husband

The passion in the family relations is similar to fireworks: flashes suddenly, burns not for long, but it is remembered forever. Well that who only began to twist a love nest - adrenaline of feelings reads off scale, and the bed does not manage to cool down. But what to do if the ordinary interfered with love? Seducing lessons will help to refresh the relations after several years of matrimonial life.

It is required to you

  • - aromatic oil for massage
  • - new toilet water / spirits
  • - card of love contents
  • - set of lace lingerie
  • - seafood (squids and other)
  • - aromatic candles
  • - essential oil of a ylang-ylang
  • - silk scarf
  • - chair with a back
  • - men's suit
  • - air mattress
  • - lubricant from the sex shop
  • - whipped cream


1. Return warm awe of expectation - make a date with the husband in own house. Write on a card the message about what will wait for it in so many hours at home. Slightly irrigate card inside with new spirits (there will be enough also droplet). Hide a card in the morning in a pocket of a jacket of the spouse or a working bag.

2. In advance get a set of lace lingerie, a belt and stockings. According to polls of magazines, men prefer to take off linen of black, red and violet colors from the woman. You can use white, but it symbolizes innocence. Why to represent innocence after so many years of marriage? The passion enchanting spectacle is better. It should be taken into accountIt should be taken into account that as the invitation to sex the linen of corporal (beige) color - too usual categorically is not perceived. If only bezh in combination with black lace.

3. Make a romantic dinner with seafood. Squids salad, for example, - excellent aphrodisiac. Take a bath with essential oil of a ylang-ylang or patchouli - these aromas excites sexual desire. In pure form oils are not applied, for a bathtub use 7-10 drops on a milk mug: and for skin it is useful, and the spirit will be positive.

4. As sex in the bedroom already became a usual thing, bring novelty by means of an air double mattress. It can be laid anywhere though in a corridor if only there was a place. Decorate a mattress with silk bed linen. For creation of the romantic atmosphere use aromatic candles - it is possible to place them in the form of heart on a floor near a newly minted bed or to lay out them a footpath from an entrance door to a mattress.

5. Try as the dancer and rehearse a striptease for the beloved husband. Instead of a pole use a chair with a back. You can attend previously courses a strip plasticity, and you can experiment in movements on a chair in front of the mirror - to lean back, cave in, expose a leg, to sit down, to bend, etc. Imagine yourself a cat who wants caress, let movements will be smooth and graceful.

6. Besides a striptease on a chair it is possible to try a striptease in men's wear. Nothing so excites the man as carelessly thrown his shirt on a naked body of the woman. Arrange a shadow play - pull a white sheet on a doorway, illuminate it a lamp and dance behind a screen so that it was visible only your shadow.

7. Make to the husband erotic massage. Dress up in the Japanese, make the corresponding make-up and invite the husband in salon for a relaxation. Or just ask to lie down to have a rest. Use aromatic oil for massage. Iron, bite, touch with a naked breast - apply various technicians that the man was excited, but did not fall asleep. Even if will fall asleep - nothing terrible. Will wake up and will want continuation.

8. Try to play a blind-man's-buff with erotic implication. Tie with a scarf eyes to the husband a silk scarf and tell that into each account you will remove from yourself on one thing until it catches you. Consider aloud and gradually undress, having left on themselves only accessories (for example, a bright beads or a bracelet). Tease the husband sexual words, whisper tendernesses near an ear and immediately run away aside.

9. The scarf and a chair can be useful as attributes for refined caress. You can tie the husband a scarf to a chair or tie with a scarf only eyes, having left freedom to hands. Forget about shyness - you give dizzy caress. Investigate anew erogenous zones, and the top of pleasure will be incredibly sweet and close.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team