How to understand that you are pleasant to the man or the woman: key signs of sympathy

How to understand that you are pleasant to the man or the woman: key signs of sympathy

The relations with an opposite sex are quite often accompanied by experience of disappointment. Very often it is the result of misunderstanding as, for example, acceptance of flirtation for gravity of intentions, politeness — for courtesies. That is why it is important to know, people when they take a liking to someone as usual behave correctly to treat a situation.

To define gravity of intentions of the person in relation to you, it is necessary to look narrowly at his behavior at your presence. There are certain manners which indicate that he really to you is not indifferent.

  1. Hesitates, quails, reddens at presence, at a meeting.
  2. Is persuasive, trying to achieve the objective.
  3. Makes attempts to learn from your acquaintances, girlfriends of a detail about you.
  4. Shows aggression if you do not pay attention to it, but it is attentive at it to other men.
  5. Shows to you apparent interest, sincerely, but not out of respect is interested in plans, mood, requirements, tries to care.
  6. Often writes, calls, comments and likes all your posts in social networks.
  7. Protects even if you are wrong.
  8. If compares to others, then extols you.
  9. Jokes, witticizes at your presence, and at absence in the company misses.
  10. Makes unusual acts.
  11. Is upset if you the first stop communication, correspondence.
  12. Watches when you online on social networks at once to begin correspondence.

Whether you know? In ancient times it was simpler to learn about sympathy of the man. At appearance of the pleasant woman he placed thumbs on a belt of trousers, drawing thus attention to genitals.

  1. She is irritated if you flirt with others.
  2. Smiles to you in reply.
  3. Tries to enter dialogue.
  4. Modest girls hesitate at a meeting, unchained — resort to flirtation.
  5. At a meeting mechanically corrects clothes, something fingers, than shows that she worries.
  6. Changed appearance to the best, changed image, clothes style.
  7. Says at you that would like to go to the cinema, for example, or long ago dreamed to visit a concert of some group, thereby hinting at what wants to go together, is eager for the invitation.
  8. Communicates with pleasure by phone when you called.
  9. Tries to catch your eye at stay in one company.
  10. Can behave indifferently or too surely, trying to hide interest in you.
  11. At a conversation completely deploys the case of a body in your party.
  12. Tries to touch at any opportunity.
  13. Quickly responds to your messages.
  14. Often comments and likes your posts in social networks.
  15. Answers at correspondence with the developed offers.

On study or work men who show sympathy according to the one whom they to you are — the friend, the recent acquaintance, the chief, the colleague, the fellow student or the schoolmate meet. Let's try to understand what signs will indicate sympathy.

Whether you know? Emergence of sympathy happens over 90 seconds. Such amount of time is necessary for the person to compare an image of the person whom saw, to image of the ideal partner who already developed at it as a result of cultural and social experience.

To guess that the guy is in love with you, it is possible, first of all, how he looks at you and as his eyes look. At the man who does not hide the love eyes will shine. At those who are not inclined to show openly feelings they are obscured.

Expanded pupils can be sign of inclination. One more sign is a smile. If the man is in love, he smiles sincerely and naturally. At the same time the majority of muscles of his face are involved. Often speak about such state blurs in a smile. If the person is in love, he tries to approach a sympathy object. It will be shown in the aspiration to be closer, attempts to touch which can occur even unconsciously, often hear a voice.

In a conversation the guy shows interest, listens to your words with attention, asks about you more, than speaks about himself. He jokes much, trying to raise at you a smile, and is happy if it manages it.

Important! The fact that the married man shows to you interest and complains of the wife does not mean yet that he is ready to tear and enter with it the new relations. Before accepting courtings of the family person, it is necessary to answer himself a question whether you are ready to accept a role only of the mistress.

Gives compliments in which notices not only your external advantages, but also character, acts, achievements, hobbies. It is difficult to distract it from a conversation with you, even to close friends. Manifestation of care is also obvious symptom that the young man is in love. The people having feeling of love can often do silly, unreasonable acts.

The chief tries to spare the subordinate to whom takes a sincere liking or love, or to give her instructions which will promote its development. He will be attentive to her point of view, to be interested and listen to her opinion on any working question, to praise and encourage often. To try to speak not as from the subordinate, and as from equal. Strong indications of inclination are invitations to coffee, delays at work, planning of joint business trips. Nonverbal signs of sympathy usually join these signs also.

  1. You often hear from it stories about family in which he complains that something was not taken or something oppresses it.
  2. Instead of spending time with family, he uses any moment to spend time with you.
  3. He shows interest in your interests, a hobby.
  4. Tries to help even if you about it did not ask.
  5. Shows attempts to look after you when nobody sees it.

Learn about the relations with the married man.

  1. Spends with you more time, than with other colleagues.
  2. It tries to be crossed more often with you at office.
  3. Asks you on private life.
  4. Tries to be useful to you.
  5. Asks silly questions.
  6. Suggests to carry out home after work.
  7. Well remembers details of your life about which you to it told or which noticed itself, for example, you have coffee with cream or without additives how many spoons of sugar you put.
  8. Tries to meet you outside office.
  9. Shows jealousy of other colleagues.

Asking a question whether I am pleasant to the schoolmate, it is necessary to observe his behavior in various situations. For example, the guy, most likely, will often look at you during a lesson. If sharply in it the moment to turn back, then he will be embarrassed and will quickly look away. The schoolmate in love tries to draw attention to himself, talking loudly, laughing, perhaps, even roughly talking to teachers.

Important! Teenagers are quite often frightened the feelings to an opposite sex and try to hide them by mean jokes, sneers, roughnesses.

He shows courtesies — tries to help, to advise, to carry out, present something. Some, on the contrary, ask about the help to achieve carrying out time together. At school students, perhaps, as at any other social group, the sympathy is noticeable by changes in appearance — they begin to watch better themselves, stylish to put on, change hairstyles.

To understand that you are pleasant to the person, it is possible how he looks at you as he communicates and what gestures uses.

People in love try to look longer and more often at an object of the sympathy therefore if you noticed that you often meet the guy's look, especially, if it happens unexpectedly when you, for example, do turn or you raise the head, and he at the same time is frightened and looks away, then, most likely, is a sure sign that you are pleasant to it. The covert glance can also tell much about the guy's relation. At a conversation of people to which you are pleasant will try to glance in eyes, and that which feels attraction will often look at lips when you speak.

We already concerned some aspects of communication of people in love above. To understand that you are nice to the man, it is possible that he the first starts correspondence and never stops it, only in very serious cases and with reinforced concrete explanations. He asks many questions concerning your life, intending to learn thus more about you. If you ask about something, then he does not answer simple Yes, No, I do not know, and writes expanded offers, explanations.

Whether you know? Specialists of the Kodak Lens Vision Centers company conducted survey of 3 thousand people as a result of whom they counted that from 18 to 50 years of the man 11 months and 11 days spend for considering women. Ladies find for looking at representatives of an opposite sex twice less time.

If you need to leave correspondence, he will be upset and will report about it and also will take an interest when you are able to continue communication. A strong indication of sympathy — when the person watches for your exit in online. If as soon as you were included into network, and to you from it the message at once came, it, most likely, indicates that he watched when you appear online.

Nonverbal ways of communication, i.e. mimicry and gesticulation, can also tell a lot of things about the true attitude of the person towards you. Women and men have signs of sympathy at nonverbal contact almost identical. Both guys, and girls are inclined to show arrangement by such nonverbal methods:

  1. Sharp gesticulation.
  2. Involuntary copying of gestures and poses of the interlocutor.
  3. Open poses and gestures — without crossing of hands, legs, demonstration of palms.
  4. The direction of socks of legs towards a sympathy object during the conversation or communication in group.

In order that it is correct to understand, how exactly treat you, will be only manifestations of one sign insufficiently. It is necessary to judge, having analyzed in a complex a sign language, a manner of communication, change in appearance, a look, a behavior manner with other people and with you.

It will be interesting to you to learn what to do to be pleasant to the man and also how to interest the girl in a conversation or in correspondence.

If it did not help, it is possible to try to call the person on straight talk to place all points over і or to take an interest at his friends, but not directly, and inadvertently. It is also necessary to communicate to the friends and girlfriends to learn their point of view on behavior of the person interesting you. So, it is possible to learn about sympathy of the person for you simply — having asked him. However if it not in your style, it is inconvenient to you to ask directly, then it is possible to observe his behavior. Will tell a look, behavior and gestures about sympathy, love. The person who to you is not indifferent will behave with you absolutely differently, than with others.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team