How to wish the beloved happy birthday

How to wish the beloved happy birthday

Nobody is better than you does not know your beloved. In the relations of each couple there are individual customs and traditions. A birthday of the beloved – one more way to please your loved one. If your relations suffer not the easiest times, and all of you also love it, then the sincere unostentatious congratulation can improve the relations, give them a new impulse and force.

It is required to you

  • Gift, music, money


1. Surprise your darling. If he very reluctantly perceives changes and prefers house traditional holidays, feasts and gifts, then try to diversify his Birthday. It is possible to make it by means of small gifts, pleasant, unexpected for it, throughout the day. Perhaps, it will be pleased by the Birthday which is carried out only with you together.

2. Arrange to it festive morning together. Order home delivery of beautifully issued breakfast with fruit, juice. Effectively congratulate it and give a present or the first of many small gifts.

3. Make special hints that it could find according to them gifts. It is possible to issue ridiculous diplomas for any minimum household chores.

4. Make a selection of its favourite songs. Let they will be a pleasant background for all day. If in your plans there is a hang-up for correction of your relations, then very just to make it by means of well picked up music. For example, if you decided that you need to change scenery and to go to have a rest together, select rhythmic or loudness the song with the corresponding text. Make in a playful form the contract for tourist service in some fantastic country and the obligations.

5. Think up something original, knowing character of the beloved. Manifestation of tenderness, care and love this day can be estimated by it especially. The romanticism droplet for the person of traditions has to touch and fill with joy him all this day and not only.

6. If your beloved is at distance from you, and you want to congratulate somehow him, surely make it not to abuse himself then for an unused opportunity. Write a card, send a congratulation the telegram, use any romantic methods imposing you. Do it sincerely, from the heart.

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