Husband's boozes: to suffer or file for a divorce

Husband's boozes: to suffer or file for a divorce

Recently more often it is possible to meet family in which the husband suffers from alcoholism, making the life miserable of itself and to the relatives. Some are reconciled with such problem and continue to live as before. Others take cardinal measures, filing the application for a divorce.

It is possible to call such situation in family stalemate — on the one side of the woman cannot divorce the drinking spouse as it contradicts the family installations "hammered" into the head in the childhood. On the other hand, to live already with the changed person, daily being exposed to violence, becomes much unbearable.

What should I do?

Nobody will be able to give you definite answer to this question. If you still love the spouse, do not represent life without him and want to return by all means his former shape, you can resort to the help of the experts coding or treating alcoholics. Of course, your second half will be against such succession of events therefore you should act secretly. If your husband still can soberly assess a situation, try to talk seriously to him – some men after such talk nevertheless become reasonable and cease to drink without the assistance of doctors or psychologists.

During the serious conversation try to find out the reason of constant alcohol intake. Some of the most common causes of male alcoholism are problems at work and problems in family. If it had troubles on service, support it, without reproaching it with insolvency and lack of talent (the last can cause opposite effect). At identification of the reasons in family, for example, if you began to reproach and accuse often the spouse of something, you should correct the behavior and the attitude towards him. Of course, at first it will be very difficult, but nevertheless it is worth trying.

Divorce as exit

If you understand that any talk, coding and other methods of fight against alcoholism in family do not work, think of a divorce. Despite opinion of society "Such Husband, than Any Is Better", sometimes it is better to stop the relations with the man who cannot get it together and get rid of such addiction. Especially it is relevant if you have general children – present what example you set the child when he sees the drunk father raising a hand against the wife day by day. If you are afraid that without alcoholic husband you will not be able to bring up, dress, put and to feed the children, it not so. The woman's case after the divorce begin to live in the majority for the sake of children, trying to provide them to all necessary, to be engaged closely in their education and to give a good education.

Life after the divorce

It is not necessary to think that life after the divorce comes to an end - it is not so. If you adjust yourself on the best, can be sure, you will find the man who will fall in love with you such what you are which will take care of you and your children. The main thing is to believe in itself and bright future.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team