I am the concept of the personality

I am the concept of the personality

The Ya-concept is the system of representations of the person about itself. Its cultural, spiritual, material qualities and also understanding of what factors from the outside influence formation of these qualities. The psychologist U. James was the first who formulated I - the concept of the personality. To show his understanding with the minimum knowledge of English very simply I - the concept (Self) am an object (I) and a subject (Me) of the personality.

What I consist of - concept

The concept of the personality in psychology is divided into four compound, each of which can be more or less developed at the individual:

  • spiritual I am religious, political philosophical and moral views of the personality;
  • material I – that, the person perceives as the (things, objects, the real estate, the car);
  • social I am a role of the person in society, its importance, the gained recognition and respect;
  • physical I am primary needs of the person.

Emergence of the concept of the personality

The concept of the personality develops from consciousness, as a result of interaction with society. The development period I - concepts is the share of earlier psychological development of the person, but further, will already occur on the contrary – I am the concept will influence function of consciousness.

That is, the concept of the personality influences and defines communication of the person with the world around.

There are three processes as a result of which the concept of the healthy personality is formed:

  • self-perception;
  • introspection;
  • introspection.

Perception is focused on emotions, feelings, representations, introspection is a process of observation of the external and physical data, and introspection is a summation of the communication with people, thoughts and judgments.


The Ya-concept of each of us is unique, unique, individual and is worth it that it was investigated. We see the world in the broken look, we perceive it through a prism developed I - concepts. But what arises when the world does not meet expectations which developed in our concept? In such cases, there comes the conflict concept of the personality. The conflict is and there is that discrepancy. Such moment turns on mechanisms of psychological protection, and discrepancies smooth out, or cease to be perceived.

Therefore a role I - concepts it, first of all, maintaining integrity of the personality, determination of nature of interpretation, creation though something certain. Also from I - concepts depend both our expectations, and forecasts which pour out in qualities of uncertainty or self-confidence, a high and low self-assessment.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team