Jealousy of the woman

Jealousy of the woman

At all times women were an inspiration source for men and the main riddle of their life. What would not be made by the woman, she will be always right and by all means will remain the queen in the opinion of the beloved. But queens have also bad traits of character. If they are angry, then heartily and if are jealous, then at all it is better not to catch sight. On the last line of female nature we both will stop in more detail and we will try to find out - what is female jealousy: lack of the weaker sex or trait of character.

Female jealousy - important secrets

Complaints of men that their blessed make rows to jealousy of nobody today surprise. Surprises, the fact that usually the jealousy of the wife has under itself no reasons and in fact is invented. Why does that happen?

According to psychologists, the woman more is independent, the less she will be jealous the man. The self-assessment plays an important role here. In fact the jealousy arises because of desire to be unique, chosen and significant. And if internal state of the woman does not correspond to the desirable, there is a dissonance which pours out on the head of the unfortunate man in the form of reproaches, scandals, mistrust and suspiciousness. The jealousy at pregnancy is especially indicative. It is the most striking example of how the diffidence becomes the reason of uncertainty in darling.

Stopping in detail on the reasons, it is worth mentioning that the love and jealousy were always satellites of any couple. It can be inherent both in the man, and the woman. However in comparison with impulsive men, women a long time can raise in themselves this oppressive feeling and in a flash bring down it on the spouse's head. But whatever arguments were, it is worth remembering that the groundless jealousy meets in the nature quite seldom. Most often it has to a wave accurate basis:

  • inferiority complex (""yes for what such to love me"");
  • feeling of property (""it is my husband"");
  • the restrained vanity (""as it, and to change me?"");
  • fear of loss of love and the vital benefits (""the child needs the father" ", " "as I will lift one children"");
  • fear of ""treachery"" (""we worried together so much, and suddenly it will find another?"").

The jealousy of the woman can have any reasons and justifications. And contrary to habitual opinion, it has nothing in common with love. The jealousy to former, to the girlfriend and even to hobbies is nothing else as reaction of the owner who protects something the.

How to get rid of feeling of jealousy?

The jealousy in family usually seldom leads to stains. However men are not eager to have houses the Fury which traces each step and an act. Therefore, having noticed the slightest signs of jealousy, it is worth thinking that is not enough for the woman who began to be protected actively. To be protected because this feeling in most cases is the reason of any complexes. In order that disposal of jealousy took place quickly and effectively, the woman herself has to realize the fact that she is jealous. And already then to begin work on itself. How exactly to make it some advice will help:

  1. Remembering that everything has the reasons, the first that needs to be made, it to ask itself a question: ""What I so am afraid that I began to be jealous?"" To Force the girl be jealous the fear of loss of material prosperity, insufficient appeal, fears for the importance in the man's life, etc. can. Only having decided on the real reason of fear it is possible to start development of the plan of further actions.
  2. Uncertainty and uncertainty it becomes frequent the main problem at emergence of jealousy. The woman is capable to decide to herself anything and to paint the most terrible pictures in imagination. In this case it is worth presenting that the most awful already it happened and to plan according to it the actions. And it is even better to write them on paper.
  3. Before making to the man the next scandal, it is worth dealing with it in the imagination. Often men seek elsewhere what does not get in marriage. It is worth thinking what can't be enough for the spouse?
  4. At the last stage it is worth thinking what to make if fears come true. To forgive, revenge, divorce or suffer being silent. Depending on the chosen answer, it is possible to try one of methods of disposal of jealousy or its simplification:
  • denial of the events is a method on type ""I see nothing, I know nothing"". Such refusal of belief in resulting jealousy disappears and the attention is not paid to signals to its emergence;
  • rational judgment - in this case the woman is inclined to blame herself that she suspects the man of treason. ""He means something it is dissatisfied, time I had suspicions"". Women who got used to undertake family climate are inclined to such reflections and to work on the relations. Such ""work"" can drag on for a long time, distracting from the jealousy;
  • compensation - ""but he is a good family man, the father fine, earns much"", etc. Such justification and search of positive sides too perfectly helps to get rid of feeling of jealousy;
  • projection - a method at which the woman herself begins to think and whether she wishes to change the spouse? Such reflections about own motives of jealousy helps to switch from initial suspiciousness to the spouse;
  • alienation - has several options. The most widespread ""to me all the same" "and" "I am higher than it"". A widespread method of fight against jealousy at which the woman just ignores possible reasons for jealousy from the spouse.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team