Moral culture

Moral culture

Such qualities as not conflictness and ability to forgive, ability to empathize, understand and accept differences in opinions and views, in behavior and the purposes are very important people. And you know that all of them make the moral culture of the personality?

Speaking to strict language of science, the moral culture of the person is a development of public moral experience by it and manifestation of the important moral principles in own behavior and communication. If it is simpler to tell – moral culture is shown that the person controls himself and the emotions in any situations and his acts do not violate the rights of other people. He recognizes and respects their right to be different, to differ from each other and not to meet expectations. He is pleasant to people around, being left himself, without flattery and pretense.

Politeness, sense of tact and measures, goodwill and at the same time still ease of behavior and preservation of the nature – here the true moral culture of the personality. And it is not enough to know the standard rules and etiquette, the intuition and common sense which will prompt how more true to arrive otherwise are still necessary here, having kept the advantage and culture of behavior.

Especially it is necessary in a conflict situation, in disagreements and disputes, in communication just and the moral culture of the person or on the contrary, its absence is shown. Often many of us behave violently and roughly, make offensive remarks and poke the nose into other people's affairs, arrive tactlessly in relation to other people. There is not enough self-control and that culture – and it surely assumes that the behavior has to be conscious.

Therefore the moral culture of communication is always communication of internal culture of the person and his external behavior during dialogue. Our values, the principles, ideals influence how we prove in friendship and love, collaboration and communication. But it does not mean that the unsociable and closed person is immoral. Sometimes the spiritualized and sympathetic nature ready to the help and self-sacrifice disappears in unsociable people. And always active, bright people can be deeply dishonourable inside. Therefore formation of bases of moral culture of the personality is not learning of rules of etiquette and ostentatious good breeding. And internal adoption of moral values and development own, among which the most important – respect of other people and their freedom.

This moral value became such significant in the conditions of modern society in which equality of people and their rights become the most important, and violence and humiliation of others advantage is condemned. Today the person has to be able to operate himself and the impulsive rushes, listening to the mind more, than to emotions, especially destructive.

Modern moral culture urges each person to develop and go for the purposes, arriving after careful consideration and not causing discomfort to surrounding people, without interfering with their life and their decisions.

However it is impossible to tell that our society already became highly moral. Unfortunately, aggression and inspirituality, violence and rejection of others opinion are frequent. And it is the main problem of modern moral culture. If all people sought to develop and improve themselves, ceased to deceive and play the hypocrite, be indifferent and intolerant – they would create unusually successful and safe society. Alas, so far it does not occur.

But public norms were already created, important values are already accepted by society. There was a business in each of us: to become the reasonable and independent person who consciously operates himself and the life, it is effective and with advantage behaves in tangled and contradictory situations and does the world around itself better.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team