Relations with the married man

Relations with the married man

It appears, among us, clean and gentle, the real she-wolves – hunters behind "others good", that is foreign husbands roam. For such the love relations with the married man – a reason for pride.

It appears, the whole ten percent of representatives of a fine half of mankind sleep and see how to tempt the married man. And about a half of such ladies do not even dream of ordinary family, they need only ""married men"". And it means that to all other women, married and happy, it is necessary to hold ears on the alert.

But mistresses of busy men – not always classical vamp. There are also real "victims" of the banded tempers. Such are also glad to stop the disturbing relations, but just do not know how to stop loving the married man, and practically ruin the life.

As it often happens, legs at this problem grow since childhood. Quite often lovers of married men were brought up by the lonely, not really gentle and loving mother. Such girls in the childhood take absence of the father painfully. The same who grew up in full families, complained of detached, cruel fathers. Admit the conversations with psychologists of the woman that just to be afraid of men, cannot trust them. The married man as obviously losing option, gets out subconsciously.

The psychology of the relations with the married man claims that early sexual development can become one more reason of it. However, as it is simple to guess, often first, extremely successful sexual experience happened to the married partner. Surprisingly, but sometimes in the relations with the free partner such women almost of a frigidna, and their sexuality reveals only with lovers. Many experts consider so strict selection the most real deviation. To help solve such problem psycho-correction at the competent psychotherapist can.

To change a situation radically, to learn to love free, worthy men, it is necessary to work much. First of all, it is necessary to understand firmly that you want changes of a situation. Try to look at the world with eyes of the deceived wife. For certain she loves the husband, raises his children, makes lunches while he dares to have a good time with other women.

Why the married man fools around?

Why married men bring mistresses? Most often not feelings, but desire to have a good time, ego-trip, to be convinced of the appeal and solvency direct them. Not the most noble motives, isn't it? The decent man will never take for a ride at once to two women. If he falls in love with another, then will try to resolve so serious issue as soon as possible to hurt as little as possible. Therefore if you feel that the married boyfriend just plays for time, know – everything suits it, and he does not wish to change anything.

How to stop loving the married man?

One of methods allowing to stop loving married – to try to strengthen the requirements to it. Having finally raised before it a question "edge" of that with whom he wants to remain, suggest it to make the decision – till next Tuesday, final (excuses are not accepted). Such check will probably end with parting, or, at least, all accents will be placed.

Having decided to stop loving the married lady's man, think that give you such relations, except the doubtful status "the third superfluous"? He constantly lies, and to you, and the spouse. Whether you are ready to remain all life "playing a supporting role", not to have family, children, to celebrate alone holidays, to hide and disappear? Only to you to decide what will be your life in the future. The most important – distract, play sports, spiritual activity, a new hobby, raise a self-assessment and try to extinguish rough feelings in every way. Believe that you do right thing, and the sick relations will be succeeded by beautiful love.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team