Suicide bents

Suicide bents

The number of the suicides who are annually dying around the world shocks. Not only the injuring events and emotional shocks are the reasons of suicide bents. Also mental deviations, and even predisposition at the genetic level can lead the person to suicide. This disease can concern people dear to us therefore it is especially important to define beforehand tendency to a suicide and to try to help the loved one.

Disease tendency to a suicide - the reasons

Scientists of the Munich institute of psychiatry conducted researches according to which the genetic predisposition to a suicide increases the probability of commission of suicide by 4.5 times and also defined that the tendency to a suicide can even be descended.

9 of 10 people who committed suicide suffer from various mental disorders. The condition of a heavy depression is one of the main reasons for development of suicide bents. The people having schizophrenia and anxiety disorders are inclined to suicide.

Alcohol and drug addiction as the fact of such addictions can testify to mental diseases, a depression, a stress and various experiences can become the reason of thoughts of a suicide. Because alcoholic and narcotic substances substitute reality, the person is even more inclined to suicide.

Some people think of suicide as a result of unforeseen vital circumstances. Can turn out to be consequence both impulsive attempt of a suicide, and long development of suicide bents.

Depending on age can lead different events to attempts of suicide. The children's and youthful suicide can be provoked by break in relations, suicide among familiar and close people and mockeries from peers. Adults do not want to live because of job loss, a divorce, alcohol and drug addiction. Most often the unwillingness to live after the death of the spouse or the deadly diagnosis is the reason of suicides among elderly people.

Discharge from close people, decrease in interest in the appearance, loss of weight and appetite, the increased interest death, lack of interest in former hobbies, insomnia, verbal hints, etc. can become signs of tendency to a suicide.


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