Syndrome of persuasive movements

Syndrome of persuasive movements

Frequent nervous shocks became the ordinary of modern life for a long time, many even learned not to pay special attention to stresses, jamming them in the next portion of tablets. But such behavior is absolutely incorrect as the lack of competent treatment can quite pour out in a syndrome of persuasive movements which is one of manifestations of neurosis. It can be involuntary movements by extremities, blinking, swing by the head. Usually actions are complemented with the notions of compulsion, fears and representations that even more aggravates a condition of the person.

Treatment of a syndrome of persuasive movements at adults

Various stresses can be the reasons of such frustration, someone for this purpose needs serious shocks, like the death of the loved one, and enough hit in a stopper on the way for work will be another. There are neurosises at persons who have to it predisposition therefore some people in this plan are especially vulnerable. For elimination of a problem work in two directions:

  • removal of the nervous tension which became the answer to a stress;
  • work with features of the personality which make the person more sensitive to stressful situations.

Therefore treatment of a syndrome of persuasive movements at adults is made only in a complex, that is besides prescription of medicines psychotherapy sessions are used. But before starting therapy, it is required to exclude a possibility of a neurosis-like hyperkinesia which is shown absolutely also, but has absolutely other reasons. The syndrome of persuasive movements is caused by psychological factors, and a hyperkinesia – damage of nervous system. Therefore at detection of symptoms the careful inspection on the basis of which treatment will be appointed is required.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team