That the happy family means

That the happy family means

Happy it is possible to call family in which the love and mutual understanding reign. Each his member feels heat of a home. Right after work of the spouse in such family hurry home, and happy children, as well as it is necessary, are carefree and playful.

Relationship of parents

In family the central place is taken by the relations between spouses. How they develop what are based on, finally influences also other family members, in particular children. In happy family the parents love and respect each other, to them always is what to talk about, and joint silence does not hang a heavy cloud over them. At the same time it is impossible to identify two such different concepts "happy family" and "ideal family" as it is almost impossible to reach the ideal family relations. In the world there is nothing ideal at all. And even in happy family of the spouse not on all questions come to a consensus, and the truth sometimes is born only in a dispute. And here the main thing is the final. Always wins against love for the spouse and children happy family.

Children in happy family

If the harmony reigns in the relations between spouses, then they have enough time to pay attention to the children. And children very much need parental attention, especially at small age. Participation, the help in studying the world around, approval, lecture, various manifestations of love and tenderness – all this that is necessary for happiness of children. Besides joint pastime in the form of a dinner, viewing interesting movies, heart-to-heart talks, walks on the park, does family more strong and more amicably. If parents are busy with a showdown all the time, they will not have time for children. And even if they will be able to allocate some free time, their head will be all the same occupied by another.

Money and happy family

Without money it is almost impossible to live, but their quantity does not influence happiness degree in family. Not each poor family is unhappy, as well as it is possible to call not all rich families happy. Happiness only in small shares is connected with a material world. Happiness is more state of mind, harmony with itself and people around, occupation favourite business, life in an environment of favourite people.

Foreign family – darkness

Sometimes, having seen happy with life, the smiling parents and children frolicing near them, apparently, that here it is happy family! But not always the form is substantial. Sometimes you find not candy, but emptiness in a beautiful wrapper. Not for nothing say that foreign family is a darkness. Not so there is a lot of truly happy families as it seems. Besides, happiness is very fragile state which is difficult for saving from external encroachments. His worst enemy – human envy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team