The interesting facts about girls

The interesting facts about girls

Also God created the woman … Spiteful the being, but amusing turned out. Really, girls not only are amusing on the nature, but also very unusual. Today we bring to your attention the interesting facts about girls.

The facts about girls

  1. According to married men it is less, than married girls.
  2. In one tribe under the name Tivi of girls marry at once after the birth.
  3. Guys feel more surely when their hands are free. Girls – when hands are busy.
  4. At a zevaniye of the girl close a mouth a palm.
  5. The interesting fact about girls is that putting on, girls put on a jacket, then more often – a skirt or trousers. Men prefer to put on at first trousers.
  6. Doing a make-up of eyes, girls very often open a mouth.
  7. If the girl wants to throw any subject, she takes away a hand back while men do it, having taken away to hands sideways.
  8. Owner of the longest legs Svetlana Pankratova, her legs of 132.2 centimeters.
  9. The most talkative woman – Fran Kero. In one minute she says about the shestist of words.
  10. The Chinese woman had the heaviest breast. In 12 years her breast weighed 10 kilograms.
  11. Namely 60, Theresa Vaukh had most of all husbands.
  12. The least woman in the world has height of 55 centimeters.
  13. Girls are capable to do several things at the same time.
  14. It is proved that the female intuition exists actually.
  15. Girls attach huge significance to memorials.

Also we prepared the interesting facts about red girls, their type is considered the most unusual.

The facts about red girls

  1. Most often red-haired girls have sex.
  2. At the time of inquisition many girls were burned because of red hair color.
  3. At red-haired girls the bruises are formed quicker, than at the others.
  4. In Egypt the red-haired girls were often sacrificed. They were buried live and thus brought a tribute to god Osiris.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team