The man kisses to the lady a hand. What does it mean?

The man kisses to the lady a hand. What does it mean?

There is a set of various traditions and customs which came from far times. For example, the man kisses to the lady a hand. This, apparently, usual gesture has the value.

What value has this gesture

In the majority of the countries of the world among intellectuals it is accepted to kiss the woman's hand. As a rule, men kiss a hand to women of solid age and married ladies. This custom is most of all widespread in the West. In Germany and Austria so it is accepted to do only in the most solemn occasions. At Poles this standard rule: the man so greets and says goodbye to all women. It is possible to kiss a hand only in the closed type, it is impossible to do it during a lunch meal. At a formal dinner party it is admissible to kiss only a hand of the hostess which it has to give is low that the man himself to it was inclined. Earlier the kiss of a female hand was considered as a simple greeting. Now this action tells more about good breeding of the man in relation to the woman. At the time of our great-grandmothers to kiss a hand of the young girl it was inadmissible. Never kissed a hand if the woman did not take off a glove. In days of old, when the intelligence and good breeding reigned in society, this action was widespread so that especially did not think of its commission.

Europeans still kiss a hand, both to women, and young girls, despite restrictions. It happens both in rooms, and on the street, all greetings of this kind are admissible in the European society.

Modern relation of women to kissing of a hand

Now the relation to this action not that changed, but got various relation of specific people. Some consider it for themselves norm, it is unpleasant to others, for the third in general it is humiliating. Kissing of a hand is not humiliation, but forbids to render the sign of respect to the person to whom negative feelings are had. And it is normal. Most likely, it will not be pleasant to any modern woman if all men kiss in turn her hands. The same and from men. It is unlikely today in general the guy or the young man will decide on such act, and business here even not in education.

What was once accepted in society becomes old-fashioned and even vulgar today.

Many consider norm to kiss a hand only to mother, the father, to shower passionately with kisses hands of the loved girl. But to kiss hands to strangers, even as a sign of decency and education is a personal record of each man. It is possible to tell, it looks in the modern world strange and does not fit into style of modern society in a root. Of course, and now there are receptions, various ceremonials, celebrations, but they most often have business character. Think: well it is not ridiculous and ridiculous to kiss a hand to the business partner? It is the excess detail which remained far back in the past.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team