Treason. What should I do?

Treason. What should I do?

you sometime in life had to face treason, I sincerely sympathize with you. It is very unpleasant to be the victim of such situation, is sick when neglect you. But how to be if you changed? To keep silent or tell all truth of darling or to darling?

All define a concept of treason for themselves differently. For someone a kiss – not treason, and for someone even unpretentious flirtation is considered treason.

Here the jealousy joins. If you the person jealous, then even the smiles sent to your half cause rage and unclear irritation. In the heat of passion with jealousy most often make rash acts, change the person who is really very much loved.

The jealousy is caused by lack of self-confidence. It is necessary to love himself and then others will love you.

Now as for fleeting hobbies. Such situation is possible: at a party your half flirts with someone another. What could it mean also what with it to do?

You should not suit scenes, but nevertheless the conversation has to take place. It is necessary to find out the reason of such behavior. If you have serious relations, then most likely your love just needs attention and tries to receive a shortcoming having forced you to be jealous.

Sometimes in the long relations the people so get used to each other that they just forget about so necessary courtesies. Remember, the romanticism will never be superfluous, on the contrary it is always not enough.

But what to do if no romantic feelings at you arise? You are simply tightened in a routine. If your darling admitted to you that he changed you, most likely he is ready to put the final end to your relations.

Most likely, in a consequence of fleeting hobby, it is better to hide accidental treason from a half. Treason never takes place completely. It brings pain and disappointment. You just become absolutely other person in the opinion of well-loved (darling). It can lead to crash of the relations.

Remember: to hide treason very hard. And regular unfaithfulness – it is almost impossible.

If you are not in love any more with the partner why to deceive him. It at least disrespect. You hurt both him and yourself complicate life. You do not hold such relations. Tell everything as is.

And if you love, you should not resort to such methods to attract attention. Just try to talk, perhaps your partner just very strongly is tired and does not notice how strongly deprives you of the love.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team