What can tell a kiss about

What can tell a kiss about

Beginning the relations with the new man it is impossible to glance beforehand and to predict your future. But it is possible to analyze its acts, a manner to speak, behavior, and still to look how he kisses. Because the kiss can tell a lot of things about the person.

Fast kiss

It differs in tension, precipitancy, the nervousness is felt. Its language persistently presses on your lips, sometimes it can accidentally bite. In appearance can seem that it is very sure and likes to be in the lead in the relations, but, as a rule, it not so. Such "fast" man with pleasure will entrust the lady to build their relations. He likes to communicate with people, to flirt with nice women and wishes that he was entertained and did not allow to miss.

Such man will suit the balanced and self-assured woman who will manage to dominate softly and unostentatiously in the relations. If you are capable to reconcile to his flirtation and entertainments on the party, from you excellent couple can turn out.

Sure kiss

Actions of the man resolute, imperious, he moves monotonously and rhythmically. Some women perceive such tactics of a kiss of rigid. But in life it is possible to call it "real man". With it it is quiet, safe, but sometimes happens boringly. His life is measured, traditional and you will not be able to receive splash in emotions and romantic surprises. The monotone because he does not love innovations will reign in sexual life. If you aspire to simple family happiness, you will be happy couple. You get moral support and the husband family man who will be able to undertake all household chores.

Gentle kiss

Light touches by lips, practically without use of language. At the same time it accurately clasps the girl's waist, carefully embracing her. On such person it is visible at once that he differs in tenderness and care of the beloved. Do not expect a storm of emotions or intensity of emotions in the relations with such man, he is ready for silent tenderness. With such man there can be happy a tactful and careful woman. No intrigues and games are appropriate here, it is necessary to reciprocate the same care and caress the his feelings. Because of indecision of the man, girls should push him on the following step. It is necessary to support and to imperceptibly send it to lives, then he will thank you right and light love.

Sensitive kiss

It unites in itself(himself) everything above-mentioned technicians. Such man adapts to the girl, he has no template, he is ready to improvise. Its bright plus is that he thinly feels mood and desire of women, and then uses it for seduction. Because of the popularity it seldom remains with one woman for a long time. In the relations likes to dominate and demands ideality from the girl. Such man will suit the woman who is all right with confidence in herself, is not too jealous and capable to change for the sake of the beloved. But if you not such, you do not even communicate. Long you do not sustain, and in such relations your self-assessment can suffer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team