What guys are looked for by modern girls

What guys are looked for by modern girls

In the modern world of the relation of the man and woman suffered many serious changes. And it, first of all, is connected with technical progress. Women undertake a role of the head of the family more often, earn more money. And it is not always possible to call it correct as because of the continuous aspiration to become the rich, women stop being women.

Who has to be the main thing in the relations

Last century the word "man" was associated with the owner, the getter, the head of the family. The father and the man was responsible for the family, children. Perhaps, because of economic "reorganization" of the man became weaker from financial side and therefore ceased to carry out the duties assigned by century traditions on them, and women, in the turns, stopped being just housewives. All of them force out men more often, assigning a role of the head to themselves, it concerns also the family relations and business. Technical progress caused changes in mankind psychology. Therefore today modern girls in most cases perceive a male as "rich person", and at absence at guys of money for existence, safely consider them losers, not noteworthy. Such relation, certainly, is connected with a modern "cult of money" which, unfortunately, turned consciousness of women. Guys, in turn, do not try to change an order of things, and fully support it, preferring to sell the love for money and to build the relations, most often, with rich women. Therefore definitely to tell who exactly today main in the relations, it is impossible.

What men girls want to see near themselves

The fact that modern guys, according to girls, need only sex - it is clear at once. And here what girls wait from guys for still it is necessary to understand. So, modern girls give preference to the men drawing attention. They love strong, sure guys with accurate vital plans.

For women the appearance of her gentleman is very important. He has to be the stylish and tidy guy with well-groomed a body. However, most often, are afraid of the girl's metrosexuals and avoid.

Girls like good-natured, generous, not haughty and fairly clever guys. Of course, modern girls love wealthy guys, at the same time, it is desirable that the capital was earned by persistent work.

The rich guy who received money from the parents will seldom draw attention of the worthy woman, it is important for her that the man himself could achieve success in life and in career development.

A fine half of mankind, most often, pays attention to careful, responsible, initiative guys who are ready to patronize the girl. High guys with a beautiful smile and a sports figure are popular with modern girls. And existence of the good car adds one more plus to a moneybox of merits of the man. And, of course, girls need the faithful and decent guys ready to lend a strong male shoulder at a difficult moment.

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