What has to be the ideal wife

What has to be the ideal wife

Women, according to men, not logical and whimsical creations, are consecutive they only in one – to become the ideal wife. This desire is dictated by the aspiration to hear from darling about the perfection. But a concept about ideality at men and women a little different. Therefore completely to correspond to idea of the man of ideals, often causes difficulties even in the most excellent spouses.

Each man has the opinion on the ideal wife, but nevertheless there are qualities which, according to a strong half of mankind, each wife has to possess, seeking to become ideal.


The man wants to see the wife attractive, smiling and charming. He wants to see her perfect and well-groomed not only at a party, but also at home. At the same time does not want to think at all, than this beauty is reached (a mask on a face, hair curlers in hair).


Whether it is necessary to say that the man wants unconditional trust. After work he hurries home as knows, he is loved and waited, and will not begin to make rows, suspecting him not particularly of what.


Very important quality for the wife ideal. Such woman always feels border, having broken which, it is possible to wound or offend darling.


The man wants to see near himself the woman ready to acceptance of serious crucial decisions independently.

Sense of humour

The ideal wife has to have not only mind, but also great sense of humour.

Intimate proximity

The perfect wife is simply obliged to be the good mistress and to be eager for intimate proximity as well as her husband.

What the ideal wife should not do:

  • to allow not well-groomed, untidy look;
  • for hours to communicate by phone, Skype or to be online;
  • to force the husband to visit shops if he does not want that;
  • to criticize the husband (and, God forbid, in the presence of strangers!);
  • to reproach him with something;
  • to coquet with other men;
  • to specify to the husband what needs to be done.

However each woman has also additional secrets. Work on yourself – and the rank "ideal wife" is provided to you!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team