What is pleasant to girls

What is pleasant to girls

Men struggle not one century with solving the strange and unclear mechanism - female logic. For some reason they cannot still understand what qualities have to prevail in male character to win heart of the fragile girl.

The most important in the man that draws female attention - it is self-confidence. The man under any circumstances has to remain a man. He is first of all a defender and the hunter - for it the nature so disposed. The self-confidence is shown in everything: strong gait, quiet movements, measured speech. Even the look has to say that the woman deals not with some the wuss and the whiner, and with the owner of the life. Instinctively it will reach for such man.

Not less necessary line of male character is the commitment. Initiative and imperious guys are pleasant to girls. It is important to set before itself the objectives which will be achieved step by step. Success of the man can be measured by the number of personal victories whether in the working sphere, whether in creative self-realization.

Girls love generous guys. Nobody says that he has to squander money to the right and on the left, to buy by it diamonds, the land plots on the Moon, but he is simply obliged to pay for it at restaurant, to make it gifts for holidays and at least few times in a month to give flowers. To this quality it is possible to add gallantry and ability to behave in decent society. Sharp mind, ability to joke and to communicate freely with people around. It is known that women are auditory, and the tongue-tied, narrow-minded young man will never be able to interest and carry away the girl.

Re-reading quality behind quality, it is possible to think that the woman is eager to meet round the corner the Greek god who descended from the Olympus. Both it is beautiful itself, and is clever, and is strong. For certain, men will think that women are conducted by stereotypes. However how many women, are so much also opinions. To someone it is important that near it there was a hot handsome man, such esthetic annex to her person - yes it that other women envied it. Another it is necessary that he was perspective - a peculiar far-sighted contribution. There is a category of women who rush on fatherly money of the elect, without thinking that the father will grow old and will sometime die, and his krovinushka is not adapted for independent life at all, and finance has property to come to an end. But there are ladies who choose, perhaps, not of the rich, but perspicacious men having big plans for the future and able them to carry out. Some find ideal men in cinema and inconsolably sigh for them, dreaming of acquaintance, but it is worth remembering that this only the picture which significantly differs from reality. Of course, any girl would not refuse personal James Bond therefore the man has to be only such what he was made by the nature: strong, attentive, careful and able to stand not only for, but also for the family.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team