What it is impossible to speak on the first appointment about

What it is impossible to speak on the first appointment about

Acquaintance behind, now you want to learn about each other more and to be defined - whether it is worth continuing the relations. For this purpose you go on the first date on which their development or end will depend. But there is enough one conversation to push away from itself the potential gentleman. And all because subjects for a conversation were the most improper.

You did a suitable make-up, hair, manicure, tidily put on, now it is worth thinking also of what to tell. For this purpose you have to know about taboo subjects of the first appointment.

About former 

Refrain from damnations, jeers and gossips about the former partner, from stories about a failure in the relations and details of a gap. Who whom threw under what circumstances, with what look and words – nobody needs to know. Quite perhaps before you the man who will become your elect for many years. Why to frighten him by rage and a negative. The potential groom will be able to assume that you and will begin to throw at him mud if he decides to leave you. If not to avoid a conversation about last relations, tell about them in the general words with a faint smile, having focused attention that you do not hold offenses that "former" – the person good and you are grateful to it for experience.

About troubles

To be cried on shoulder to the unfamiliar person – madness top. Positive ladies without problems, kind, smiling, ready to listen and support are interesting to men. Therefore to throw out lots of the troubles on the head, so to make everything in order that the first appointment became the last.

About a material state

Any young man will be guarded by inquiries about his work, income. If he is wealthy, then will avoid kept women; if it is limited in means – for him unpleasantly to recognize the inability to earn much.

About a family tree

The first appointment – not the best time for the tiresome story about a patrimonial tree in four generations. Your elect learns about relatives if desired later. You should not frighten him by need of acquaintance to mother.

About plans for the future

Strangely enough, but it is better to hold back it. If they cardinally do not coincide with its plans, then it is a powerful reason for the communication termination. And if you are overtaken by love, then you will be ready to change suddenly everything.

About in a superlative degree

Something should be told about itself nevertheless. Try not to throw out at once as people around and at what talented child you grew since the childhood admire you. Be more ordinary, leave riddles on the future, but by all means mention an optimistic view on a thing and the kindness.


If you do not want to be included in the category of girls for one night, it is better to bypass a subject of intimate proximity with humour and a step, having laughed the matter off and having let know a framework of decencies peculiar to you.

It is difficult to avoid mistakes at the first appointment and whether you will remember here them with laughter then together or with horror and shame separately, depends only on you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team