What it is possible to ask the girl in correspondence?

What it is possible to ask the girl in correspondence?

Considering the fact that sometimes a talk between representatives of both sexes during acquaintance for one reason or another can come to a standstill, it would be useful to note for himself typical questions which the girl can set. The note of originality and virtuosity of the author will help to add him originality and novelty.

What to ask the girl at correspondence on the Internet and at personal contact

Unlike guys, girls are much less often conducted on nice appearance of the first. Certainly, it is important for them that the man was well-groomed and looked tidily, however the behavior of the man is more important for female representatives.

Its easy course, without use of verbal preparations will be an optimal variant of a conversation, however not at all it turns out, and daily practice with such scenarios develops ability during acquaintance to ask good and timely questions at the person.

Today the guy has an opportunity to get acquainted with the girl not only personally, but also online. People choose correspondences on social networks, for example, of VKontakte as a way of acquaintance because in that case risk of emotional experiences concerning lack of reciprocity in desire to get acquainted less: in spite of the fact that the person can not answer at all, you have no such sense of shame as you at real acquaintance, and, on the contrary, stay in a pleasant anticipation in waiting time of the answer.

Important! Carefully use compliments concerning appearance, you do not speak rapidly with them, noting mostly features of taste of the girl, talents and achievements.

To get acquainted in electronic form, it is enough to write only to the pleasant person, in reality difficult it is even simple to start talking. For the purpose of the maximum naturalness of acquaintance it is possible to offer the girl the help in something, to ask council, to ask to explain something.

Tactfully use any information on this girl, attentively watching it (for example, the book which is looking out of a bag with a name of the famous author, will tell existence of two things in clothes of identical color about her preferences in literature and favourite color).

What questions can be asked

Let's consider the list of the most popular questions which will allow to develop a conversation with the girl what it is worth beginning with how and when to pass to other subjects.

Questions for acquaintance

If you want to get acquainted with the girl through social networks or a dating site, the first what it is possible to begin with, it to study her profile in detail. Having found general information on the person interesting you, you will manage to assume what to ask the girl about.

Further it is necessary to find out whether it stays in the relations with someone, whether it is free and it is open for new acquaintances if it is not specified in the questionnaire. However it is necessary to do it very accurately and tactfully not to frighten, to offend the interlocutor, and, on the contrary, to interest.

Whether you know? The most interesting questions for any person begin with the words If …. People adore dreaming, to form the assumptions concerning the best version of the life, and those who ask them about such things they concern more trustfully and close, than the others.

The following unusually providing use of easy, but sure flirtation can carry out it:

  1. Do I have chances to win your attention or it already belongs to someone to another?.
  2. Most likely, you are not lonely. But I so would like that I was mistaken.
  3. Whether thoughts and heart of such magnificent girl are occupied by someone from representatives of a strong half of mankind?.
  4. I am concerned by one very important question: you are free? I agree to battle for every second of your freedom.

For certain such approach will not leave indifferent the girl who has no guy. Most likely, she will continue a conversation because female representatives love eccentricity and originality from guys in relation to themselves.

Further it is possible to give the girl a compliment regarding singularity of harmony of a name or to tell the knowledge of its value or character of the people bearing similar names.

For example:

  1. Victoria, it in your honor called the goddess of victory?.
  2. Heard that a name Elena of the Greek origin. Do you in a sort have Greeks?.
  3. What refined and rare name of Michele (Nichole, Adele). Tell whether you feel special on life?.
  4. They say that the name Natalya is born by resolute women who play a role of the leader in society. For certain you have same qualities.

It is important! If you do not know or for nervousness forgot what questions were would like to be asked, for a start use an environment, weather and other resources of daily occurrence as an occasion to begin a conversation. Ask whether the interior of cafe in which you are is pleasant to the girl, tell about the beautiful view opening from the nearby embankment, discuss style of constructions in the area on which you walk.

And still try not to go too far in originality of a compliment: you remember that each following has to sound in similar or even the best previous a format, and you should not speak rapidly with such remarks. Further it is possible to turn to questions of the identity of the girl, her interests, business in which she is engaged education and the purposes and also dreams (on the basis of data of a profile).

Do not ask questions, information on which is more exhaustively specified in the questionnaire. You can just develop some of subjects, having shown that before writing to the girl, you studied the data specified by her. It will flatter her.

For example:

  1. Whom did you want to become when you grow up on whom to be taught? Your wish was fulfilled?.
  2. Whether there is some hobby, hobby? What are you interested in?.
  3. What type of rest you love more? Active (pedestrian or water hikes, sporting events, including dances, games, swimming, alpine skiing tourism, trips on ATVs, equestrian sport, firing) or passive (the sea, the beach, watching TV on a sofa, a friendly tea drinking in kitchen)? Why?. — The answer to this question shows a picture of the organization of life by the girl.
  4. You sometime were fond of sport at the professional level? What achievements do you have in this direction?.
  5. What music is pleasant to you? Favourite song at the moment?. — What we listen to is what resounds with sounding of strings of our soul therefore the matter of the girl is perceived as interest the personality.
  6. Whether you like to read books? In an original paper form or in electronic? What genre of literature do you prefer? What latest book did read? Whether dreamed to write the sometime? About what would it be?.
  7. What genre of the movie is closer to you? With what participation of actors / actresses you most often watch performing cinema art?. — It is possible to ask also a question of regarding recent novelties which were released, to ask how often the girl goes to the cinema, itself or with the company. Further discussion of this question can smoothly pass into a talk about an environment of the young person.
  8. In what month you were born? Your favourite season?.
  9. Whether you love attractions whether you jumped once with a parachute? Would like to make something like that that would provoke adrenaline emission in your organism?.
  10. What entertaining institutions please you more? and so forth.

Whether you know? Contrary to a popular statement, contrasts are not attracted. For the romantic and matrimonial relations the people subconsciously select similar to themselves according to appearance, individual qualities, the social status of partners. It is proved by scientists from the research university of the USA in Berkeley.

The specified list of questions is not an algorithm of actions, it is only a reference point concerning subjects which can be interesting to girls in the course of acquaintance and communication with you. The most information context is set in order that the guy in the course of communication was not lost and could ask the following questions about the course of a conversation or assume some answer. They are also suitable for reproduction and at personal acquaintance and as you know nothing about the girl at all, and there is no opportunity to read these questionnaires, it is possible to ask everything that interests you. As for the Internet, you should not be active volume correspondences during the long period.

When you already developed communication, it is possible to ask the phone number of the girl and to agree about a meeting with it one of ways stated below:

  1. How you will look at if I invite you to an appointment?.
  2. The dream in which we with you walked dreamed me. How do you think, this prophecy?.
  3. Do you already know how you will spend tomorrow's evening? I can prompt several ideas of interesting pastime.
  4. What a pity that we have no mutual friends. Then I should not have asked the phone number from you, I would get it long ago. But if so left whether you will carry out my request?.
  5. For entire happiness I lack your phone number to learn how lovely your voice is. Be kind, make happy me.

It is original to ask the phone number for the girl it is possible and personally to organize the second and third meetings. For certain she will be pleasantly surprised with such words.

It is important! If you want to interest the girl in the Internet, pay attention to filling of the profile, specify the interests, the place of study, work, a hobby, other preferences. Do not post too candid photos with cubes of the body, especially with other girls, and reveal more personality.

As get to talking the interlocutor

To bring the girl to a conversation, it is necessary to ask her open deep questions on which it is impossible to give the answer yes or no. An essential and considerable part of this process consists in skill to listen carefully to the interlocutor and to try to open what stands behind his verbal context. At the same time it is very important to watch language of gestures, to catch tone of the speech and to perceive what remained unexpressed.

Questions which will set the girl thinking:

  1. What your brightest reminiscence from the childhood?. — As a rule, this question raises at the girl a smile and bright experiences about any family holidays, trips, personal hopes, dreams, friendship. The answer to this question for certain will concern certain facts of the biography of your interlocutor — about parents, other family members, about that place where she grew up.
  2. If you were given the chance to change something in the life what it would be?. — Reflects a condition of the person, his status and essence, extent of self-realization and also possible weaknesses, hopes, unsatisfied dreams, desires, regrets.
  3. Of what you most of all are proud in the life?. — The girl is given an opportunity to share with you the progress and achievements established by priorities in life.
  4. What place on the planet you would like to visit most of all?. — As a rule, the answer to this question covers experience of last travel, opens spirit of adventurism of the person if that is.
  5. If to you allowed to keep only 5 things what you would choose from them?. — Quite deep philosophical question for the 21st century as today all of us are very tied to material values, and only 5 of them will show definition what material benefits of people appreciates above everything.
  6. Whom in the life you admire? Do you have a mentor, an idol, the teacher, just the person who made a great influence on you and your life?. — The answer to a question will allow to understand what persons inspire the interlocutor on whom she would like to equal whose actions and traits of character would prefer to see in herself, and it speaks about its purposes and plans much.
  7. For what reason you stopped the choice on this profession? What pleasant moments do you observe in the work?. — This information is necessary to learn more about education of the girl, her motivation and ambitions, satisfaction with business in which it is engaged.
  8. Whether there are any skills which you would like to master? Some field of activity which it would be desirable to try? For what reason did not you still carry out it?.
  9. If you had an opportunity something to change in the past, kind of you arrived? Would you like to know the future? Why?.
  10. At adoption of any decisions you in most cases listen to emotions, heart or logic, reason?.

Learn in more detail as well as what to interest the girl on correspondence in.

Asking the girl about similar things, you are involved in her knowledge as persons, and not just as women. Exchanging true feelings and opinion, you create strong communication, showing your ability to appreciate and respect people. Rapprochement will be promoted also by a request to tell about itself some ridiculous story which is not causing sense of shame and fault in the girl. It is also possible to take an interest about its attitude towards career and family what male qualities for the girl the most attractive that most of all in the man clings her: tactile (touch), visual (look) or verbal contact (whether it be just sounding of a voice or demonstration of mental capacities).

Whether it should be added a little platitude

Questions with platitude note at acquaintance and the first meeting for most of girls are inappropriate. The subject of intim assumes existence between the parties of trust to each other.

Difficulties on the first appointment

The first and main stage in the beginning relations is the first appointment, existence or lack of the subsequent meetings depends on success or failure of carrying out which. During the first meeting it is important to create unostentatious interaction with the person interesting you, but at the same time not to be overzealous with silence, having acted as the bore.

Read also as well as what to write to the girl to get acquainted.

Are the frequent reasons of difficulties on the first appointment at guys:

  • excessive concern because of the appearance, a manner and the course of a conversation;
  • excessive modesty in behavior and lack of any active actions;
  • lack of experience in respect of courting;
  • lack of a conversation, reticence and, as a result, the missed opportunity to know the girl better;
  • excessive garrulity.

To make an impression on the girl, it is recommended to keep the first appointment after acquaintance in realities or correspondences in VK with flowers (previously having asked, what of them and also what color her darlings), having taken care at the same time of the appearance. It will be quite good to make to the girl a beautiful, but not banal compliment, it is necessary to behave at the same time quietly and frostily, but it is quite sure. Will not prevent to be gallant and polite too:

  • do not forget to hold an entrance door of restaurant, cafe or other institution where you went together, passing the lady forward;
  • take off and hand over outerwear of the girl in clothes (if the meeting takes place in cold season);
  • remove and move up a chair at a table.

The representative of a fine half of mankind has to feel that look after her, try to obtain its attention and arrangement. At a real meeting it is possible to develop in more detail subjects which correspondence or the previous talk already concerned, to use an arsenal of more serious questions.

It will be interesting to you to learn how to interest the girl in a conversation or in correspondence.

It is also possible to ask about its relation to surprises, surprises, than she could be surprised. Suitable places for the first appointment are parks, squares (under favorable weather conditions), shops, arbors, cafe, restaurants, exhibitions, cinema, theaters.

After visit of the last go to cafe or other similar place: there you will have an opportunity not only to communicate with each other, but also to discuss recent general visit of an action. Avoid clubs, parties and other noisy places. At the end of a meeting take the lady home and if circumstances allow, you can kiss on a cheek and also tell that have a good time.

Questions which it is worth refusing

The forbidden subjects for questions during acquaintance and the first meetings:

  • age of the girl;
  • the number of guys who it had before;
  • income level;
  • sex.

You should not ask the silly questions which are contrary to rules of communication and the principles of the standard of speech and also those which concern any negative.

Most of girls at acquaintance do not love demonstration by the young man of self-admiration and omniscience and also questions only of them and a minimum of information on the guy.

We recommend to you to esteem about what it is possible to write to the girl that it was pleasant to her.

Useful tips

In conclusion we suggest to study useful recommendations which will help you not only to get acquainted with the girl, but also to interest her in the personality:

  1. You can interest the girl, setting her not standard, but cheerful, with a catch, sometimes loaded playful questions.
  2. Ask questions so that it was similar to dialogue, but not to an interview, for example: I like to watch soap operas. And you?.
  3. You do not speak rapidly with questions: in the course of the conversation they should not sound as it should be one by one. Observe logical pauses, give to the interlocutor time for thinking and answering a question.
  4. Apply the answer for the purpose of development of a further conversation, commenting on answers of the girl, expressing the opinion into any account. It is possible to tell the true-life story concerning this subject at the same time having given the chance and to ask your interlocutor the questions interesting her concerning you.
  5. Observe the logical sequence of questions according to a topic of conversation developing naturally. It not an interview where it is necessary to be able to switch quickly from one subject to another. It is possible to capture other subject of a conversation by means of smooth transition and auxiliary questions.
  6. Do not represent affected interest, ask what is crossed also with your preferences too. Ask questions on which you can give the answer. For certain the girl will ask also about your relation to this subject.
  7. Be not too serious: the sense of humour is one of the qualities, the most valuable to women in men. Extraordinary cool questions, ridiculous jokes during the conversation perfectly relieve the tension, doing the atmosphere of more friendly.
  8. Your speech has to be competent and therefore before beginning a conversation, be convinced of correctness of use of cases and accents. Increase the speech culture, read more, expanding the lexicon, do not use too abstruse phrases and difficult professional terms when it is inappropriate.
  9. During the conversation with the girl use open gestures of body language: do not hide a palm and do not cross a hand, you look in the interlocutor's face (but not too long), but not on the parties or in phone, sincerely at the same time smile.
  10. On the first appointments try not to argue, openly expressing the disagreement concerning any phenomenon. It will render the irritating effect on the girl and unwillingness to communicate further. It is possible to smile slightly, having tactfully told: And I think differently, but we will talk about it later. It not only will not upset the girl, but also will intrigue her.
  11. Do not use tender words and tendernesses at the beginning, place emphasis on a name.
  12. The tactile contact has to be expressed very accurately and carefully: it can be light touch to a hand or a waist of the lady, but not strong embrace, free placement of the hand on her shoulder, especially on a leg or a back. At the same time these movements have to be slow and smooth, the sharpness and assertiveness in the matter will only frighten the girl.

For success in any business it is necessary to attract interest of the opponent, placing emphasis on the pleasant and enticing, but not intense, frightening and causing confusion subjects. Knowing the main, the supplementing or concretizing interesting questions for the girl specified in this article, any representative of a strong half of mankind will be able to keep up the conversation with the person, attractive to it, with ease and to achieve continuation of communication with it in the future.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team