What means if the girl is afraid to look to the guy in the face

What means if the girl is afraid to look to the guy in the face

Girls sometimes are mysterious so that their behavior cannot absolutely be explained. For example, not at once it is possible to guess why the girl does not look in the face, and constantly hides them from you.

Window to the soul

Long since there is a statement that on eyes it is possible to read everything that occurs in soul at the person: his experiences, dishonesty or, on the contrary, sincerity. Therefore the direct look in eyes always means, first of all, openness of the person. And only the one who has nothing to hide, be afraid or be ashamed of something can be open.

Thus, when the girl does not look in the face, she feels, most likely, one of these feelings. It should be notedIt should be noted that concepts of fear, shame and reserve are not identical here. To find out the problem reason, try to analyze behavior of the girl. Depending on the reason it is necessary to choose also tactics of the actions which will be able to prevent reticence.

Personal experiences

First, remember that your girl the full-fledged person, and she has a private life. In this private life there can be a lot of events which you do not even guess. Therefore if from your eyes look away, you should not look for problems in yourself at once or to think yourself the victim of treason. If your relations did not reach yet the level of credibility is necessary, then the girl can be rather proud to open the sincere experiences and events of private life. Therefore such moment can just promote trust thread consolidation. Try to ask the partner on what at her occurred, asking indirect unostentatious questions not to scare.

Look to me in the face

The phrase is often used when one person tries to find out whether the interlocutor tells him the truth him. If the girl assures that all at her as it should be, then it is worth paying attention and to other circumstances. Perhaps, you are really deceived. It is very difficult to tell to the person a lie and at the same time directly to look to him in the face. Psychologists note that this insuperable instinct comes from the childhood: kids always hide the face in hands when they tell a lie. If your suspicions find more and more confirmations, then it is worth talking to the girl, asking her direct questions. Hints you hardly find out something in such situation, and the open question will dot one's "i's" and cross one's "t's" as it will have no ways to retreat.

What is the girl afraid of?

Your relations began quite recently? Then it is no wonder that your partner avoids direct views. Girls quite often hesitate of the new gentlemen and proximity with them. Therefore any hint on this proximity, yields inexplicable result. Remember that the long look in eyes in romantic scenes of movies ordinary comes to an end with a kiss. Can such outcome and your girl, especially, is afraid if she is an introvert, and you did not kiss yet. The situation a direct talk a mistake will correct such. Excess words can take away charm and romanticism from the beginning of the relations. Nevertheless, try to try to obtain the actions trust which will help the girl to reveal.

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