What sense can be from the wife

What sense can be from the wife

After the woman marries, she has a set of new duties which before it did not concern. On brittle maiden shoulders the responsibility for all family lies.

Advantage of the woman in family

The woman gives birth to children and becomes for them an example for imitation. It is known that from the father the posterity takes mind, and here the character is inherited maternal. She is engaged in education and training of children, helps with everything to them and gives any support. The family atmosphere too in many respects depends on the wife. If the husband comes tired after work, his soulmate is capable to lighten him the mood and to show the care and caress.

Marrying, the spouse becomes the closest friend for the beloved. She can be interested in its problems, give some hints and advice on permission of difficult situations. Owing to the wisdom, women are capable to give to husbands very thin a remark and to put them on the right track, and guys will be sure that they act exactly as find necessary. Wives have to be loyal to the soulmates, not move away from them and be always near at a difficult moment. Girls inspire the partners and believe in them even then when from their spouses the whole world turns away. Women allow men to feel like the head of the family. They show weakness and ask husbands about the help in the simplest affairs. Present that your soulmate cannot open a jar with pickles. She asks you to help it, you make absolutely not difficult action, but at the same time at you the feeling of own importance for certain increases. You understand that your beloved is for you, absolutely safe, you - her only protection and a support in this life.

Kindness, honesty, complaisance and humility, reliability, ability to care - all these qualities have to be present at the family girl.

Than wives are still useful

It is known that women are engaged in the organization of any household chores. They watch purity and order, make a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner. When the guy decides to marry, for certain he expects that from now on it should not erase and iron independently the shirts, to eat in cafe or to order delivery of food to the house. Of course, some part of housework is carried out by husbands, but they are not capable to understand that at any given moment it is required to perform certain operations. Only the wife can indicate to the man the need to devastate a garbage can, to hang up the shelf for books in the living room or to repair the crane in the bathroom.

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