What to do if you fell in love?

What to do if you fell in love?

The versatility of love is sung by poets and writers. This deep feeling inspires and inspires. But not always the love brings happiness and joy. What to do if the girl was comprehended by meek feeling and also how to choose that person — we will tell in our material.

What to do if unrequited love

Unpredictability of a human soul most of all proves in unrequited love. To achieve attention of an object of the passion, the girl sometimes makes rash acts about which it is necessary to be sorry subsequently.

Read how to experience unrequited love.

In this case it is necessary to try to look at a situation quietly, having considered possible options of succession of events:

  1. To be convinced that feelings meek. The easiest way is to talk to darling. Straight talk yields unexpected results: very often the man just is afraid to open the feelings and hides them behind indifference mask.
  2. To work, trying to obtain attention and reciprocity if, of course, you fell in love not with the actor, the politician or the famous athlete. At the same time your actions should not be beyond adequacy. It is not necessary to anticipate all desires of darling, to carry out all his whims and whims. It is necessary to work softly, unostentatiously: to appear accidentally in the right place at the right time, to show interest in its hobby, hobbies.
  3. Sometimes it is necessary to show patience and to wait. Expectation does not mean that it is necessary to cry in a pillow, to become reserved and to cease to communicate with people. The tear-stained face and sad appearance attract nobody. Lead the usual life and you follow the developments.
  4. Having convinced that any of ways does not work, and your darling not only is indifferent to you, but also shows an affection to other girls, it is necessary to switch to daily tasks: sometimes the solution of household trifles, working problems is distracted from sincere alarm. Think, this person whether it is worth losing because of him common sense and peace of mind is how important for you. Perhaps, an object of your attention at all not the one who is necessary to you and already very soon you will be able to fall in love with another.

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How to understand that it is love, but not love

Very often many people confuse a condition of love with love. And though these feelings are in many respects similar, but nevertheless between them there is an essential difference. Love as a virus, overtakes suddenly and passes quickly.

The love as the big river, flows quietly and measuredly. Do not interfere with the real feeling distance: the loving people being in separation miss the friend the friend and maintain the relations by means of phone calls, SMS, letters. Love demands continuous visual contact, otherwise it will turn out, as in a saying: Out of sight, out of mind.

Expression the boat of love crashed against life belongs to love. Inconveniences, household trifles, financial disorders quickly cool lovers if feelings have no deep basis. Lyubov, on the contrary, is not afraid of difficulties, the solution of common problems only brings together the people loving each other.

Love if does not develop into deep feelings, is destructive. It beats out from a measured rhythm of life, induces to inadequate acts. The love is creative feeling. The loving person seeks to show the best sides of the character, to surround darling with heat, a cosiness, kindness.

Important! Love very often is followed by painful feeling of jealousy. Misunderstanding, mistrust, the frequent conflicts because of jealousy lead to break in relations.

What to do if fell in love

Unfortunately, the love not always is mutual, but happens and so that feelings arose at both, at the same time many do not understand the choice of the girl. For example, if she fell in love with the ladies' man, the married man or the person, is much more senior than her. Let's consider these situations in more detail.

In the married man

The love for the man connected by bonds of marriage is condemned by society. But it is frequent that the elect is married, the girl learns only after there were feelings and the relations were entered. Having learned that the beloved has a wife, it is necessary to arrive as follows:

  • to place priorities for itself: whether there is yours, perhaps, fleeting feeling of unpleasant consequences and sufferings of other people (wives, the beloved children);
  • to learn about family of the elect: perhaps, there not everything is so smooth, and marriage became obsolete;
  • to talk to darling frankly: whether he is ready to leave family, having left the wife and children, having cardinally changed the life.

It is important! In case the married man fell in love with you and persistently tries to obtain you, it is necessary to ask him directly for what it needs such relations. The person who is eager for adventures on the party will quickly cease to show persistence.

In the teacher

Teenage love — the first and most strong feeling. Often boys fall in love with the teacher, students first-year students — with teachers. Lovers are not confused by a difference at age and the status. They prove differently: strongly learn a subject or cease to be engaged absolutely, accompanying darling at lessons with an ardent look, listening to its voice, not penetrating into the meaning of explanations. There are several rules which will help to cope with the gushed feeling, at the same time without having done much harm to itself and an object of love:

  • it is not necessary to report about the love for the teacher or the teacher to the schoolmates or fellow students, otherwise you will get into an awkward situation: you will become an object of sneers and you will uncomfortably feel at lessons;
  • having fallen in love with the teacher, it is not necessary to try to remain with him alone, to provoke constant casual meetings in a school corridor, to spy upon it on breaks;
  • it is better to direct energy of love to study, at the same time having achieved good results and having caused respect of the teacher and schoolmates.

Having ceased to dream about an inaccessible object of love, you will quicker meet that person who will suit you both on age, and on the status.

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In the fellow worker

Close communication at work with colleagues, joint business trips and office parties often lead to office romances. And considering that the modern youth spends at work much time, allowing not enough time for private life, such succession of events quite logically and somewhere is even convenient.

If you had a sympathy for the colleague, advise to pay attention to the following recommendations:

  1. Find out about the man, occupied all your thoughts, it is as much as possible: marital status it (is married or divorced), a financial state (existence of the credits and alimony), the relation to alcohol, women, etc. At work it is simple to carry out such investigation: the hunter to talk about private life of employees behind a coffee cup always it is possible to find in any office.
  2. Show an affection to the pleasant colleague accurately, unostentatiously.
  3. Do not consult about it on colleagues: the awkward situation is guaranteed to you if an object of your attention is told immediately about your feelings.
  4. If it became clear that your sympathy was mutual, do not advertize the relation in a business circle, otherwise the arisen talk and a gossip can destroy the arising feelings.
  5. Do not mix the personal relations with workers, especially if your beloved — your chief. A talk and scandals on a household subject at office will lower respect of colleagues for the chief.

Whether you know? Statistically, about 30% of couples got acquainted at work.

What to do if the beloved — the best friend

They say that friendship between the man and the woman does not exist and that often such relations develop into love. Really, the long friendly relations help to know better each other, form strong attachment.

If you felt to the friend something bigger, than just friendship, we advise to listen to such recommendations:

  1. You should not hurry and announce the feelings. Well think of what will change in your relations after your recognition.
  2. If you were convinced that you your feelings not friendly, talk to the friend. Give him time to consider a situation and to accept your feelings, you do not hurry him with the answer.
  3. Do not insist on transition of your relations to the following level, closer. Perhaps, the friend is not ready to such turn of events and is afraid to lose your friendship.

The respect for feelings of the friend will help to keep let and not former warmth, but close relations which, perhaps, will develop into love later.

If she fallen in love the schoolmate

Most often the first love arises between schoolmates. In this case the girl asks a question: how to attract attention the boy.

Here it is possible to advise the following:

  • it is unostentatious to ask about the help with lessons or to offer the;
  • to show interest in hobbies of the boy;
  • to approach the company in which he spends time out of school;
  • to pay attention to the appearance: not to forget about accuracy and good taste, moderation in use of decorative cosmetics;
  • to be good-natured, cheerful, frank.

Read in more detail how to be pleasant to the guy at school or to the schoolmate.

The guy will surely pay attention to the active, clever and cheerful schoolmate.

Councils of psychologists

To keep the relations for the rest of life — a dream of any woman.

Psychologists allocated several moments on which it is worth paying special attention:

  1. You find time for each other daily even if you have a lot of work and you were tired. Daily communication allows to feel better each other and to be closer.
  2. Talk on any subjects, do not suppress offenses and problems.
  3. Do not lie to darling, lies destroys trust. The smallest lie is capable to destroy great feeling.
  4. Try to embrace darling as often as possible. Tactile feelings enhance proximity, remind of constant presence of the partner.
  5. Find joint occupation in which you will be engaged together. It not only will help to diversify your leisure, but also will strengthen the union.

It is not necessary to be afraid of feeling of love: it can be mutual and for the rest of life, and can be bright and fleeting, but will surely leave a mark in lives, warm memories of the great moments of proximity spiritual and physical.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team