Whether clever women are pleasant to men

Whether clever women are pleasant to men

Some men prefer to see near themselves foolish girls that on their background to look more talented and successful. However not all young people are afraid to build the relations with clever women.

Clever interlocutor

It is interesting to men to talk to the pleasant interlocutor. If the woman can support a conversation on the offered subject, accurately and competently formulates thoughts, states the curious ideas, it will be pleasant to young man to communicate with it.

Besides for the clever girl it is not necessary to redden neither before friends, nor before relatives. Such woman understands how to behave and as it is correct to build up the relationship with close people of the beloved.

The clever woman often succeeds in career. Thanks to its contribution to the family budget the welfare of couple can improve considerably. Also in case of failures of the man at work the woman may contain itself family some time. It gives confidence and tranquility in tomorrow. However you should not go too far and seem is more educated and men are more well-read. Most of young people would not like to see near themselves the girl who daily shows that she is cleverer. You can have profound knowledge in some area and in it to surpass the man, but do not try to eclipse him at each conversation. It with high probability will forever turn off from you the young man.

Wise woman

The wife should endure many difficult moments with the husband. The man can have problems at work, with the family. He sometimes needs council how to arrive, solving any given problem. Therefore as the companion of life most of young people would like to see clever girls. The woman – future mother. In order that children grew developed, their mother has to be engaged with them, explain how it is better to arrive in any given situation, to help to do homework, etc. For this purpose the woman has to be worldly clever. Men like wise women. Such girl understands darling, is ready to help him at emergence of difficulties and to divide with it adversities. She has correct priorities in life. Only the clever woman can be wise, and men understand it.

Interest in study and self-development

The young man wants to see near himself the girl to whom he is necessary. The woman who is too carried away by the education, vanishing in libraries and at seminars can frighten off the man. But not the mind of the woman, but that fact that education and self-development takes almost all free time of the girlfriend will frighten him. The man wants that he always on the first place in the system of values of the second half. Because of it young people often do not seek to construct the relations with the clever, but carried excessively away by study girls.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team